Canson Infinity Unveils Four Arches Digital Fine Art Papers

Canson Infinity Unveils Four Arches Digital Fine Art Papers


Annonay, France—Canson Infinity enhanced its portfolio with the introduction of four Arches digital fine art papers from the iconic Arches paper mill. The new papers are the Arches 88 310gsm; Arches BFK Rives Pure White 310gsm; Arches BFK Rives White 310gsm; and Arches Aquarelle Rag 310gsm.

“With the clear intention of producing ‘best in class’ mould-made papers that present the whitest whites without the use of OBAs (optical brightening agents), this exceptional range sets the new standards in the digital fine art print industry; thanks to its unmatched ability to render pure, bright whites on 100% cotton paper,” the company announced.

Arches Paper Mill

Located in the Vosges in France, Arches has produced premium art paper since 1492. What’s more, today it is the only paper mill in France to use a traditional cylinder mould. It produces traditional fine art paper similar to the look and feel of handmade papers. Canson-Infinity-Arches-88-pck

Moreover, the new collection of Arches digital fine arts papers is based on the classical manufacturing technique combined with the latest inkjet coating technology.

Made of 100% cotton, each paper is free of optical brighteners to guarantee better preservation over time. The mill applies a unique proprietary layer that uses the latest coating technology to produce prints with “superb color rendering, including deep blacks and natural whites.” As a result, photographers, artists and printmakers are able to create images with an augmented palette of color tones.

In addition, the collection is specifically for the creation of limited edition works.

Arches Digital Fine Arts Papers & Testimonials

Arches 88

Claimed the smoothest mould-made papers in the market today, Arches 88 is made of 100% cotton. Moreover, it features an ultrasoft finish that’s supple to touch. Arches 88 also offers a color palette that is enhanced by the pure white base achieved without the use of optical brighteners.

Arches digital fine art Canson-Arches-1-Cheryl-Walsh
© Cheryl Walsh

“Arches 88 Rag is a game-changer for photographers around the world! Finally, a smooth, matte white surface, free of optical brighteners, on a paper which is truly iconic in the world of art,” commented Cheryl Walsh, noted underwater portrait photographer.

Arches BFK Rives Pure White

This pure white paper is made of 100% cotton with a balanced soft grain to bring out the details of each image. Canson-Infinity-Arches-BFK-Rives-Pure-White

“I really appreciate the new Arches papers for the quality of their printing and the value they bring to the textures, tones and colors of the images,” said pioneer street photographer Leo Faria. “I’ve had the pleasure of testing Arches BFK Rives Pure White and Arches 88; I am very satisfied with the results.

“I printed both black-and-white as well as color prints; in both versions the images are incredibly sharp, with the dark areas well defined, highlighting the points I wanted to bring out. I am partial to thick, heavy resistant paper which allows me to showcase my work with different textures.”

Arches BFK Rives White

This 100% cotton paper features a balanced soft grain that also brings out the details of the image. Thanks to the use of cotton rag and the traditional manufacturing process, the paper is soft and supple.

International wedding photographer Sanjay Jogia is both a creative and technical perfectionist. His wedding portraits are a blend fashion and film, featuring signature lighting and pose techniques.

“Arches BFK Rives White is the art paper par excellence,” Jogia said. “It has a beautiful white tone and has a pleasant texture you would expect from this type of paper. Also, Arches 88 is ideal with its pure white base and soft finish for precise details, giving an attractive and appealing fine art finish,”

Arches Aquarelle Rag Arches digital fine art Canson-Infinity-Arches-Aquarelle-Rag

Arches Aquarelle is recognized as among the best watercolor papers. Moreover, the 100% cotton construction contributes to the natural Arches feel of the paper. Using the traditional watercolor base for the new digital fine art paper gives Aquarelle Rag a natural texture as well as grain.

“It’s so exciting to get to print on the original texture of Aquarelle and this beautiful white matt base. It creates a whole new opportunity to create our photographs on a beautiful watercolor paper,” explained Cheryl Walsh.