DNP IDW500 Passport & ID Photo Solution Software V3.1

DNP IDW500 Passport & ID Photo Solution Software V3.1

Update includes image quality enhancement, auto-print functionality and display messaging.


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation released a software update for its IDW500 Passport & ID Photo Solution. V3.1 software upgrades include both new features and updates to DNP’s IDW500 Passport ID photo system.

In the updated software, DNP retooled the image-processing engine for improved print quality. As a result, users can expect higher quality and sharper images immediately after updating.

DNP IDW500 Passport & ID Photo System

In addition, the IDW500’s auto-print functionality now features additional setup choices. This feature is designed for faster and more efficient capture-to-print workflow. Therefore, it reduces the time for ID photos to print, and in many cases eliminates operator interaction and image editing, DNP noted. Moreover, the biometric threshold is now configurable, allowing the operator to set auto-printing for several use cases.

Other V3.1 Software Upgrades

Another enhancement includes a more streamlined user interface to permit easier selection of ID templates. Furthermore, v3.1 provides additional country-specific ID layouts; additional state-specific ID formats, such as for firearms; and a generic higher education ID format. It also offers the ability for users to create and store custom ID templates.

“Providing the broadest array of quality print options is critical to customer satisfaction and creating repeat business,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP IAM. “With this software update, retailers can now offer their customers more choices and take advantage of new revenue generating opportunities for their business without additional investment.”

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the IDW processing console was enhanced to improve visual operation cues. Plus, the image gallery display indicates which photos have been printed and/or exported to USB. It also indicates which images meet the biometric thresholds with easy-to-understand green, yellow and red cues. And the messaging prompts better display the progress of each image transferred and processed.

The software update also improves the system’s color management, providing users with setup controls to select a preferred white balance mode. Moreover, the onboard help button information is expanded with updated user guides and operation videos.

The IDW500 v3.1 software update file set can be downloaded from the DNP website at Furthermore, user guides for the IDW500 v3.1 update can be downloaded from