DNP Offers New Media to Expand Print Options

DNP Offers New Media to Expand Print Options


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) announced the expansion of its media product lineup. The company is now offering new media that includes Luxury options for its DS620A and DS80 printers.

It is also bringing to market new 5×7-inch paper for the DS-RX1HS dye-sublimation printer. Moreover, with these new offerings, customers can now expand their services and photo packages for customers to help increase revenue and win more business.

“DNP is continually working to expand its product lineup to help our customers expand their capabilities,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “The new media offerings allow our customers to offer more prints and services to help increase revenue and customer satisfaction.”

DNP New Media

DNP’s Luxury line brings action and fine art prints to life. The distinctive glossy metallic and silver pearl accentuates color for vibrant landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits. Furthermore, the metallic media makes blues, oranges and reds pop off the print, DNP announced. In addition, the silver pearl is designed for images with grays and pastels.

Alongside its current Luxury media size offerings, DNP is also introducing both 4×6-inch metallic and silver pearl Luxury paper for its award-winning DS620A printer. In addition, it is offering 8×12-inch metallic media for its DS80 printer.

DNP-Silver-Metallic new media
DNP Luxury Metallic Media

What’s more, DNP expanded its offerings with 5×7-inch paper for the DS-RX1HS. This will enable customers to expand their print sizes to 5×5, 3.5×5 and 5×7 inches. DNP’s DS- RX1HS combines inexpensive hardware costs; low media prices; and high-end capabilities to provide a large print capacity for photo booth operators and photo retailers.

DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation

DNP IAM is a 100% U.S. subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Further, Dai Nippon Printing Co. is among the world’s largest manufacturers of dye-sublimation media for photo printers and thermal transfer ribbons, as well as barcode printers.

In addition, DNP IAM has a broad selection of solutions for the photo retail market to address retailer’s specific business goals and objectives. Moreover, manufacturing, sales and development offices of dye-sublimation paper for photo printers is located in Concord, North Carolina.