Epson SureLab D1070 Minilab Photo Printer Ships

Epson SureLab D1070 Minilab Photo Printer Ships


Los Alamitos, CA—The Epson SureLab D1070 minilab photo printer is now available. For retail, event and e-commerce applications, the dry lab printer enables high-volume photo and graphic production.

Moreover, Epson says its unique, modern design seamlessly integrates into workflows for maximum profitability. “As the next evolution of minilab printing from Epson, the SureLab D1070 is designed to create innovative, profitable opportunities for photography, events and printing businesses,” said Aaron Brill, associate product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc.

“With a small footprint and a wide range of output capabilities, this new model can also help businesses scale. Starting with a single printer, companies can gradually add units to create a larger production fleet for handling even greater production volumes.”

Epson SureLab D1070

The SureLab D1070 produces up to 460 4×6-inch, 300 5×7-inch and 165 8×10-inch prints per hour for photo, event and retail environments. In fact, the new minilab photo printer is up to 10% faster than Epson’s previous generation.

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Epson SureLab D1070

It also features the latest professional imaging technology in a compact footprint. The modern minilab combines Epson’s MicroPiezo AMC printhead, AccuPhoto image processing technology and UltraChrome D6r-S ink.

As a result, it can deliver crisp, vibrant pictures on a variety of paper finishes and sizes. It can print on high-capacity roll- or single-sided sheet media, including glossy, luster, and matte media. In addition, it can handle a maximum print width of 8.3 inches. The minilab printer also offers BorderFree printing in frame-ready sizes. Moreover, when coupled with Epson genuine photo media, prints are water, smudge and fade resistant.

The printer also uses high-capacity ink packs. UltraChrome D6r-S 250 mL ink packs deliver wide color gamut. Plus, cartridge-free printing can help reduce waste compared to traditional cartridge systems

The D1070 also features a new front-facing 1.44-inch LCD panel to simplify print tasks and operation. And new nozzle detection and alignment technology enables less downtime.

It also provides improved connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB, using a redesigned printer driver for Windows and Mac. What’s more its small footprint integrates an output tray and high-speed rotary cutter for photo booths, portrait and event photography.

Finally, the printer supports the Epson Cloud Solution PORT. As a result, operators can monitor the live status of an entire printer fleet regardless of where they are. They can view output production rates, printer status as well as errors.

The SureLab D1070 minilab printer is now available with a one-year Epson Preferred limited warranty. SRP: $2,595.