New Forever Memory Digitization Facility Opens for Business

New Forever Memory Digitization Facility Opens for Business


Hobart, WI—Forever, Inc., announced that the new Forever memory digitization facility in Hobart, Wisconsin, outside of Green Bay, is open for business. The state-of-the-art facility was completed at a total cost of $5 million, including new equipment.

Forever currently digitizes more than two million memories each year, so people can bring old memories back to life. This includes VHS tapes, films, photos and negatives. The new facility will dramatically increase Forever’s digitization capacity.

Founder & CEO Glen Meakem speaks to those in attendance at the Forever Digitization Facility Grand Opening.

“After many months of planning and construction, my team and I are thrilled to bring our new state-of-the-art digitization facility online,” said Glen Meakem, founder and chief executive officer of Forever. “The expanded footprint and new equipment will enable significant growth of the Forever digitization business and our entire memory-keeping platform in the months and years ahead.”

Forever Memory Digitization Facility

As a result of the new 25,000-square-foot facility, Forever now operates “the world’s newest, highest-quality memory digitization facility,” Meakem added. The company currently employs 30 people at the facility. However, Forever plans to expand this number to 125 or more in the years ahead.

Furthermore, every day, the company receives shipments from across North America of boxes full of legacy items for digitization. The new facility is highly secure. It includes an indoor loading dock, warehouse, processing area and logistics area. Further is a team member break area, a server room, media studio and offices. Forever-Digitization-Facility-interior

What’s more, the facility is the first structure completed in the Village of Hobart’s new mixed-use business district. The district was mandated under the municipality’s master development plan. Forever received tax increment financing from the Village of Hobart to assist with project financing. Further, Bayland Buildings, headquartered in Hobart, designed and built the new facility.

Forever currently digitizes more than two million memories yearly.

“By leveraging the larger space, most sophisticated technology available, and our highly dedicated Green Bay area workforce, we will meet the growing demands of our customers across North America. We will ensure that their memories are immortalized with the utmost precision and care,” said Eric Napier, Forever’s director of Digitization. “At Forever, we do the highest quality digitization work on the planet. No one cares more than we do.”


Forever is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and serves clients globally with its cloud-based products and services. The company provides a complete, permanent memory-keeping platform in the Internet cloud for people, families and organizations that want to preserve as well as share their precious memories today, tomorrow and for generations into the future. The company also offers a variety of custom photo items. Forever-Digitization-facility-products-2

When you buy Forever Storage, the company guarantees it will save and maintain your memories for your lifetime, plus 100 years. It can make this guarantee because when you buy, a large portion of the payment is deposited into the Forever Guarantee Fund. The fund is invested so that it increases in value and pays for the recurring costs of saving your content and migrating it to new file formats over time.