HP Certified Pre‐Owned Indigo Digital Press Program

HP Certified Pre‐Owned Indigo Digital Press Program

HP Indigo 10000

Palo Alto, CA—HP launched the HP Certified Pre‐Owned Indigo Digital Press program. The program comprises a new opportunity to acquire HP Indigo digital printing technology for print service providers of all sizes. The technology delivers productive, versatile digital printing with significant capital expenditure (capex) savings, announced HP.

“Now is the time to plant the seeds for growth and invest in solutions that can capture opportunities for high-value work that will secure a profitable future,” said Haim Levit, general manager, HP Indigo. “This is why we are now introducing the HP Indigo CPO program; it expands investment options for print service providers to join the world of HP Indigo; and also access unique growth opportunities using the benefits of HP Indigo LEP technology.”

HP Certified Pre‐Owned Indigo Digital Press Program

The new HP Indigo CPO program offers previously owned presses at a more accessible price point. It starts with starting with B2 HP Indigo 10000 digital presses. The units are certified and resold after undergoing a rigorous renewal process to ensure they give the benefits of HP Indigo quality and advanced applications along with reliable production.

Certified Pre‐Owned Indigo HP-Indigo-WS6800-Digital-Press
HP Indigo WS6800

In addition, the program includes a portfolio of previously owned HP Indigo digital presses for commercial printing, labels and packaging. These include the HP Indigo 10000, HP Indigo 12000, HP Indigo 7000, as well as the narrow-web 6000 series.

The company also says that a strict approval process ensures HP Indigo digital press quality and reliability for CPO units. Digital presses are selected and inspected as candidates for renewal based on press age, print volume, and condition to undergo the CPO program renewal process.

The process includes replacement of dozens of parts. It also comprises upgrading to the latest hardware to ensure digital print quality and reliability. What’s more, new software configurations include the latest digital front end (DFE) to drive variable data and PrintOSX connectivity. All the pre-owned presses come with a six-month warranty.

Additionally, to reduce the impact on the environment, the program enables HP Indigo and customers to engage in a circular economy. Subsequently, HP will take back previously owned Indigo presses and install them at new customer sites.

The HP Indigo 10000 digital press is now available under the CPO program in selected regions. HP will offer additional presses later this year, such as the B2 HP Indigo 12000 and HP Indigo 7000 series presses.