Marcello Strada Photo Book Maker Expands Distributor Network

Marcello Strada Photo Book Maker Expands Distributor Network

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Comiso, Italy—A family-owned bookbinding business, Marcello Strada is based in Comiso, Italy. The company specializes in economical manual and semiautomatic air-powered systems for small photography/printing companies with limited space and resources for want to produce on-site premium customized books.

Operators can use acid-free cardboard inserts in either cold- or hot-mount binding systems. They offer the ability to produce unique layflat designs with two, three or even four panels. Additionally, the company’s skilled craftsman create distinctive personalized album covers and packages.

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“With uncertain travel restrictions, it’s now possible to communicate with present and potential customers via Internet video services. However, shipping costs and delivery times have risen dramatically. So, we are expanding our ‘family,’ adding distributors in 40 countries where sea or air transport is required for delivery,” the company announced. “We welcome inquiries from interested companies.”

Marcello Strada provides partners with one demonstration machine and an initial supply of cardboard inserts. They also are establishing a warehouse to enable customers to purchase supplies through local delivery services. Moreover, all supplies are nontoxic and eco-friendly.

“As our network of distributors expands, we will participate in trade shows closer to our present and potential customers. We are represented at the Hotel Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria, the Print & Digital Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany, and PacPrint in Melbourne, Australia. As more distributors are added to our family, we will publish their information and additional shows on our website,” the company added.

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Marcello Strada

With availability in 122 countries, the family-run company was founded in 2007. It is led by founder and president Marcello Strada. With more than 30 years of experience in the photo-imaging field, he has created binding systems with minimal support required to assist photo labs, printers and retailers in the production of photographic and non-photographic albums and books.

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What’s more, all the company’s machines are pneumatically powered and require no specialized knowledge to operate. The company manufactures the machines in Italy and meets EU requirements.