Photomore Photo Book & Photo Gift Bundles

Photomore Photo Book & Photo Gift Bundles

Photographers, Retailers/Labs Can Order New Combos at WPPI


Alpharetta, GA—Among the largest photo book suppliers, Photomore is introducing bundles that include its most popular photo books, photo gifts and photo décor at WPPI 2018. The company will offer substantial discounts on orders placed at the show in Las Vegas.

The bundles, which provide photographers, retailers and labs with a range of special-event photography products, are comprised of photo books; shelf- or wall-mountable acrylic, wood and molded panels; and photo magnets—all in a range of sizes. Each item can be produced, using customers’ prints, in a few minutes and without any specialized equipment.

Photomore, part of Peleman Industries, has invested in higher-grade raw materials with increased flexibility. As a result, its engineers have simplified the photo book and photo gift assembly process. The company is now offering ready-to-use, quality products at competitive pricing.  Photomore-Products-2018In addition, introductory discounts will be available for any size order placed at—or during—WPPI 2018. Moreover, all orders include free shipping out of the company’s Atlanta-based warehouse.

Photomore Bundles

The new Photomore bundles were created to give studios, retailers and labs the ability to offer special occasion packages, such as for weddings, while having control over the turnaround time, assembly, presentation and cost.

As a result, professionals have more options. For example, if a retailer or studio is too busy, they can have a lab handle production. However, for quicker delivery, they can put the complete package together in-house and keep their costs down.

“The bundles are not only more cost-effective for customers, they also allow the company to streamline sales and production. Defined perimeters make it possible for the organization to track time, materials and expenses more easily, and allow for better planning,” the company announced.

Photomore Product Group

Photomore, a manufacturer of photo books and photo gifts, offers a range of products. They include photo books, acrylic panels, wood frames, wall panels and photo calendars. Photomore products are sold through major retail chains as well as independent shops. The newest additions to the Photomore collection are clamp photo books, self-adhesive photo books, photo magnets and acrylic panels.

photomore_logoAccording to the company, it also boasts a 75% share of the retail photo book market in North America. Its products are sold in Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target and also other national, regional and independent chains.