Printing Press Spotlight: Peleman Industries—Your Vision Is Our Inspiration

Printing Press Spotlight: Peleman Industries—Your Vision Is Our Inspiration


Decades of innovation and environmental commitment have made Peleman Industries one of the most successful manufacturers of binding and photo display products in the photofinishing industry. Originally established in Puurs, Belgium, in 1939, Peleman-Saerens specialized in the manufacture of ring binders.

However, following a devastating flood that destroyed his family’s factory in 1976, Guido Peleman and his wife, Carla Lolli, began rebuilding the company. Moreover, they established the UniBind binding system in 1979—an improved system for making presentation folders. UniBind quickly became a market leader in the design and distribution of in-house presentation binding products, including a patented Steel Binding system in the mid-1990s.

Peleman Industries Pawan-Moradia manufacturers Roundtable
Pawan Moradia

In 1998, Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem oversaw the expansion of Peleman in America. The company opened an office in Alpharetta, Georgia, 30 miles north of Atlanta and the heart of the Southern Technology corridor. Peleman-Vantieghem ran Peleman USA until 2018. Today, the company is led by CEO Pawan Moradia.

Peleman Industries Enters Photo Book Arena

Peleman’s decision to establish a U.S. office was an important step in the company’s growth. What’s more, through an agreement made with Apple Inc., it emerged as a leading supplier of photo books.

The company subsequently became a supplier of photo books, calendars and other related items to several leading retail chains. In addition, Peleman’s products today are offered in more than 20,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Peleman Lay-Flat Photo Book

The continued shift to consumers making photo books in stores, as well as ordering online for pickup in retail stores, further boosted Peleman’s business over the past decade. Today’s consumers are looking for instant gratification, and Peleman’s lineup of products continues to bring new ideas into the photography printing industry.

“Our photo products deliver amazing quality and value, as well as fast fulfillment,” says Moradia. “Personalized products can be assembled in photo labs and retail stores in less than three minutes.”

Latest Innovations

The company’s latest innovation, Vpaper, adds a new dimension to Peleman’s most popular and widespread products—high-quality resin photo book covers. “Vpaper is quickly transforming the photo book industry; retailers can now make lay-flat photo books with Vpaper in-store in minutes,” Moradia continues. “Our lay-flat Vpaper works with both inkjet and laser printers.”

Peleman Vpaper

Furthermore, Peleman’s premium book covers and binding equipment use a simple binding process and patented steel spine that enable photo retailers to quickly bind books on-site. As a result, retailers can have the books ready for pickup in less than an hour after receiving the order online or in-store.

In addition, the newest covers come in a wide range of sizes and finishes. The options include linen, leatherette, genuine leather as well as fully customizable panorama photo books. The company also sells staple and wire-bound books as well as retail-ready packaged self-adhesive and clamp binding photo books that consumers can assemble themselves.

Moreover, Peleman’s photo gift division, Photomore, offers a wide range of do-it-yourself photo display products. The products include everything from acrylic panels to desk/wall calendars and magnets along with wooden wall panels and molded desktop panels.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to innovative presentation products, Peleman Industries is a global leader in sustainable growth and investment. Photomore’s premium photo books and nearly all of its cardboard packaging is manufactured with up to 100% recycled materials.

Photomore Photo Books and Gifts

Further, the company’s Belgium offices and its manufacturing plant are primarily powered by two windmills that were installed in 2011. Built in partnership with Eneco Energy, each windmill produces 2.3 megawatt hours—the equivalent annual consumption of 3,000 households. Subsequently, they save approximately 2,800 tons of CO2 emissions.

In 2019, the company and its partners installed an industrial battery at the company’s factory in Puurs. The battery is the largest of its kind in Belgium. Moreover, it stores electric energy generated by the wind turbines with its total capacity covering the daily electricity needs of 200 families. The battery initiative further affirms Peleman’s commitment to supporting local and international sustainability efforts.