Printing Press Spotlight: Pro Photographer Relies on Canon & Canson for Artistic...

Printing Press Spotlight: Pro Photographer Relies on Canon & Canson for Artistic Signature


Today, pro photographers have access to all of the tools that make it easy for them to print. These tools range from amazing cameras and incredible lenses to user-friendly editing software and high-tech printers. As a result, the capture-to-print workflow is more accessible than ever before. It helps ensure that their unique artistic signature is realized from the moment the photo is captured through to the final print.

Moreover, it provides photographers with the potential to control their own business and, more importantly, become a complete artist.

Celebrated underwater fine art portrait photographer Cheryl Walsh, winner of 60 WPPI Print and Image Awards, explains how Canon imagePrograf large-format printers and Canson Infinity fine art photo papers allow her to become a complete artist—from capture to print.

CherylWalshweb artistic signature
Cheryl Walsh

Printing Benefits Today’s Artists

Cheryl Walsh believes photographers printing their own work is the most important topic in digital photography today. She details why and how she maintains full control over all her fine art prints by printing them herself. Her go-to tools? Walsh relies on her Canon imagePrograf Pro-4000 printer as well as Canson Infinity fine art digital papers in sizes up to 40×60 inches.

“When I learned to print, that changed everything,” says Walsh. “When it came time to choose a printer, of course I went with Canon. It’s a brand I have always used and a company that is interested in taking care of me from capture to print, from beginning to end.”

That’s a concept that goes to the core of Canon’s imagePrograf printers. The company just announced the imagePrograf Pro-6100, Pro-4100, Pro-2100, Pro-6100S and Pro-4100S printers. These large-format solutions offer new technologies for fine art, pro photography and signage printing.

Walsh printing on her Canon imagePrograf Pro-4000 with Canson Infinity paper.

“Print has the ability to bring ideas to life; Canon is happy to provide its customers with the ability to do so more efficiently through the new imagePrograf Pro series,” says Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president, general manager, Canon USA. “Utilizing Canon’s intelligent media feeding and reading system, our customers can spend more time exploring their creativity.”

New imagePrograf Intelligent Features

The printers feature a “first-of-its-kind” intelligent automatic media feeding and reading system. It allows users to move away from the printer after placing in the roll; there is no need to feed the roll or select the media type.

In addition, these printers are designed to provide customers with an easy-to-use experience that values time. With an intuitive 4.3-inch, touch-screen operation panel, they offer better operability and visibility.

artistic signature Photo-by-Cheryl-Walsh
© Cheryl Walsh

They also print borderless on standard and custom widths, an ideal time- and cost-savings feature. Additionally, users can turn off the chroma optimizer, per individual media type, allowing more creative control of the process.

Fine Art Paper Creates an Artistic Signature

While the choice of the printer is important, the choice of paper is equally important to Walsh. She understands that the choice of fine art papers helps to create a unique artistic signature.

“I’m using the best equipment: I have the best cameras; I have the best printer. So of course, I want the best paper. Canson Infinity fulfills all of my needs to create my artwork. It’s really unique, special paper.”

© Cheryl Walsh

As each Canson Infinity paper has its particular characteristics, Walsh keeps this in mind from the moment she takes each photo. Consequently, she effectively creates her artistic signature through the choice of paper associated with a specific image.

“I know which Canson Infinity paper I’m going to print on as I take the image. The texture of the paper, the weight, the feel is as important to me as the image itself,” adds Walsh.

“Looking back on a long history in the field of photography, today Canson is the last pioneering photographic paper manufacturer that is still in business! And that legacy means something.”

Canson’s Heritage

In 1865, Canson acquired an international patent for the improvement of albumen papers. It was one of the first processes for the production of photographic paper to be developed. This patent consisted of the improvement of the final rendering of the image. Moreover, it avoided the costly gold toning process generally practiced when performing the original process.

Today, Canson retains its spirit of innovation, combining centuries of experience with cutting-edge technology in the manufacture of its paper. Moreover, the company favors the use of natural minerals and pure materials, without optical brighteners, to provide printing materials resistant to aging.

The papers and canvases within the Canson Infinity range for photography as well as digital art printing deliver durable results. They are also optimized for chromatic rendering with a large color gamut as well as a strong D-Max and image sharpness.

The Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh

To discover the unique artwork of Cheryl Walsh, realized entirely with Canson Infinity papers and Canon imagePrograf Pro printers, visit her website at