Printing Press: What’s Happening December 2021

Printing Press: What’s Happening December 2021


The final installment of the year, What’s Happening December 2021 looks at new consumer all-in-one printers; new specialty papers; and a new event system to capture more memories faster and easier. We also give a nod to a new award that celebrates women in the print industry!

               What’s Happening December 2021

Canon Employees Win Girls Who Print Award

An online network of women in the print industry, Girls Who Print named two Canon Solutions America employees as winners of the Girls Who Print Rising Star Award. GIrls-Who-Print-Logo

Valentina Echavarria and Melody Ownby were recognized for their efforts in the creation and execution of the University Inkjet Program with Clemson University and Rochester Institute of Technology.

“This is truly just the beginning for these two talented women,” commented Francis A. McMahon, executive vice president, Production Print Solutions, Canon Solutions America. “It is our passion to invest in future generations of print leaders and women in STEM, as well as provide hands-on opportunities that provide insight and knowledge that otherwise may not have been achievable inside the classroom.”

whats happening december 2021 girls who print Valentina-Echavarria
Valentina Echavarria

According to Deborah Corn, Print Media Centre, the award was created specifically with Echavarria and Ownby in mind.

Launched in 2017 with Clemson University—Echavarria and Ownby’s alma mater—the University Inkjet program educates students on print industry trends. It also highlights Canon’s inkjet technology. According to the company, it exposes the students to career opportunities in print production and sets a precedent for future programs with universities nationwide.

“Valentina and Melody took it upon themselves to create a program that introduces university students to inkjet printing. Their success at Clemson opened more doors to more schools,” remarked Corn.

what's happening december 2021 Melody-Ownby girls who print
Melody Ownby

“That level of drive and determination deserved recognition. So I created the Girls Who Print Rising Star Award and gave it to them during our 2021 conference. It’s incredible what they have accomplished, and a testament to the management team at Canon Solutions America for supporting Valentina and Melody and giving them the space to create something and shine.”

DNP Action Capture System Sneak Peek

At IAAPA 2021, DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation presented a sneak peek of the DNP Action Camera system. The system offers a new way for theme parks, family fun centers, rockclimbing walls, trampoline parks and other attraction venues to elevate the guest experience.

“Zoos, aquariums, theme parks, stadiums as well as other attraction venues thrive off of creating a guest experience that takes guests above and beyond their expectations,” the company announced. “With DNP’s new Action Capture system, guests can easily take a snapshot of their favorite moments and take it home for years of sharing with friends and loved ones.”

The new imaging system captures candid photos of guests as they participate in games, events and other experiences. It freezes their memorable moments to take home and share with others.

What’s Happening December 2021DNP-QW410-w-output

Furthermore, the Action Capture system comes with an easy-to-install camera module; a trigger button for camera activation; a touch-screen control unit with HDMI output; a network router (PoE+) to connect the camera module to the control unit; a starter supply of media; and the DNP QW410 compact professional printer.

In addition, DNP makes the phototaking process as easy as hitting a button. 1. Guests press a button to activate the camera during an activity. 2. The camera captures the moment and immediately transfers the image(s) to the control unit. 3. Venues choose to print images automatically or give guests an opportunity to curate the list of images they want before printing.

What’s more, venues can create an on-site, automatic updating slideshow of guests’ pictures captured throughout the day.

At IAAPA, DNP showed guests how the capture system integrates with various activities, such as the booth’s rock-climbing wall.

HP Envy Inspire with HP+: HP’s Best All‐Around Home Printer

The new HP Envy Inspire with HP+ all-in-one printer addresses the evolving needs of families as they work, learn and create memories from home.

The Envy Inspire can help families preserve the moments that matter with first-of-its-kind HP photo printing capabilities. They include custom two-sided printing; the automatic adding of date and location; and true-to-phone quality in modern sizes like social-friendly squares. What’s Happening December 2021HP-Envy-Inspire-7955e-front-w-app

Users can choose from a range of templates available in the HP Smart app. With the templates they can make greeting cards and other keepsakes from their photos.

Moreover, the printer is enabled with HP+ to provide a smart printing system that offers the ability to print from anywhere using any preferred device with the HP Smart app. Anyone can securely access the printer and send and store files.

In addition, the printer features “smart ink.” HP says families can save up to 50% on ink when they opt into HP+. They will receive six months of Instant ink and one extra year of the HP warranty with the use of original HP ink.

The new printer series is also smart for the planet. For every page printed with HP+, HP protects or restores forests in equal measure. And the printer itself is made of 45% recycled plastic.

What’s more, the printer features “quiet mode” for those working, learning and creating from home. It is also the first HP printer certified as Works With Chromebook, to help families print whatever they need for school, work and creative projects.

Launching with neutral color options, additional models will follow in 2022.

Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique II Matt 310 GSM Darkroom Paper

Canson expanded its paper line with Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique II Matt paper. It has an extremely smooth surface with a totally matt finish. Due to the lack of grain interference, the paper accentuates the detail in printed images. Additionally, the matt surface has no light reflection from any viewing angle, so the paper is ideal for photographers.

“The next generation of Baryta Photographique, it offers photographers and printers the opportunity of creating a photograph with the true look and feel of a traditional darkroom print with improved handling and finishing characteristics,” the company announced.

Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique II Matt

Although Baryta Photographique II Matt is classified as a digital darkroom photo paper, printmakers should use matt black ink as opposed to photo black ink. The paper boasts an extremely high D-Max, or black density, equivalent to that of a digital fine art matt paper. As a result, it offers contrast and depth, as well as intense colors.

It also has the same barium sulphate layer (baryta) as Baryta Photographique II. However, it benefits from the improved handling introduced in the second generation of this digital darkroom paper. Baryta Photographique II Matt is made on a traditional photographic alpha-cellulose base that adds to the authentic feel of a darkroom paper.

The paper comes in a variety of sheet sizes as well as rolls, including 5×7-, 8.5×11-, 11×17-, 13×19- and 17×22-inch sheets. It is also available in 50-foot rolls in the following sizes: 17, 24, 36, 44, 50 and 60 inches.