Printing Press: What’s Happening December 2022

Printing Press: What’s Happening December 2022


In the final issue of the year, What’s Happening December 2022 covers both a compact photo printer for families and crafters as well as two large-format dye-sub printers. In addition, we look at a very cool app that turns portrait subjects into historical figures. And we highlight Vincent Versace’s OPTIC West presentation, “Believing Is Seeing,” that focused on the importance of the photo print.

        What’s Happening December 2022

Canon Selphy CP1500 Compact Photo Printer

For scrapbookers and families, the Canon Selphy CP1500 compact photo printer is the newest addition to the Selphy lineup. The printer delivers long-lasting, 4×6-inch quality prints in less than a minute.

With a compact design, the CP1500 photo printer is small enough to fit into a pocket or small purse for on-the-go printing. Moreover, consumers can operate the printer using the included AC adapter or the optional battery.

Its diminutive size doesn’t make the CP1500 short on function. The printer’s standard print size is 4×6-inch postcard photos, which it prints in approximately 41 seconds. With the separate purchase of an optional cassette, users can print cards (2.1×3.4 inches) and square labels (2.1x 2.1 inches).

what's happening- december-2022-Canon-Selphy-CP1500-black_banner
Canon Selphy CP1500

Further, thanks to a protective coating, the CP1500 creates long-lasting photos that can withstand wear for more than 100 years when stored in an album, based on Canon testing.

Those looking for personalized photos will benefit from borders, text and pattern overlays, such as hearts, flowers or stars.

The compact photo printer also comes with diverse connectivity options. Users can connect it wirelessly to a smartphone using the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app. And they can utilize the Selphy Photo Layout app to convert a URL into a QR code that prints onto a photo—directing to social media pages or to photo locations on a map.

The printer also features an enlarged 3.5-inch LCD monitor, compared to the CP1300 printer. In black and white versions, $139.99.

Epson SureColor F6470 & SureColor F6470H Large-Format Dye-Sub Printers

As print shops continue to see demand for transfer printing, Epson debuted two 44-inch wide-format dye-sublimation printers. The Epson SureColor  F6470 and SureColor F6470H are 4-color and 6-color printers, respectively, that generate fast output for producing high-quality transfer images.

Additionally, the SureColor F6470H is a recipient of the Printing United Pinnacle Product Award in the roll-to-roll dye-sublimation on metal category.

Built to create custom printed products, the F6470 generates 4-color output at 820 ft./hr. to produce high-quality images for promotional and personalized goods, home décor, apparel and soft signage.

Epson SureColor F6470 & SureColor F6470H

The SureColor F6470H prints 6-color output at 400 ft./hr. It also allows for multiple ink configurations to meet various color needs; e.g., CMYK plus either light cyan/light magenta, fluorescent pink/fluorescent yellow, or orange/violet. The expanded color options make it a solution for producing photographic panels, flags and banners. Plus, it offers the ability to meet branding color requirements for corporate clients.

The models feature a 1.33-inch PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead with Nozzle Verification technology for consistent print quality. An integrated ink pack system utilizing 1.6-liter UltraChrome DS ink packs allows the printers to continuously deliver color saturation and contrast.

Both models have a 4.3-inch touchscreen control panel; an accessible maintenance area; a built-in cutter for roll-to-sheet convenience; and a media take-up reel system for unattended printing. They also employ Epson Edge Print workflow software, featuring Adobe PDF Print Engine; are optimized for Epson DS transfer paper; and support the Epson Cloud Solution Port for live production monitoring of printer fleets.

The Epson SureColor F6470 ($8,195) and SureColor F6470H ($8,695) ship in early 2023.

MyHeritage AI Time Machine Turns Snapshot Subjects into Historical Figures

A global service for discovering the past, MyHeritage released its AI Time Machine. This fun feature creates images of a person in different time periods throughout history using text-to-image AI technology. Moreover, the hyperrealistic results are easily shared on social media.

AI Time Machine is based on stable diffusion and technology licensed by MyHeritage from Astria, which specializes in tailor-made AI image generation.

The feature is easy to use. Users upload 10–25 photos of the same individual taken in various settings and poses. A model of the individual is created and cast as a protagonist in dozens of predefined themes set in historical eras. My-Heritage-AI-Time-Machine

With a few clicks, anyone can see themselves as an ancient Greek warrior, an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a Victorian lady, a 1960’s hippie or an astronaut in space. Further, they can download the images as a set of eight or individually, for sharing.

While highly realistic, images generated by AI Time Machine are created by artificial intelligence. As such, they are not authentic photographs. As per MyHeritage’s commitment to responsible AI, watermarks are added to all images to distinguish them from authentic photos.

AI Time Machine is available on desktop and via mobile web browser. A one-time purchase will allow users to upload photos to create a model of one person and generate 160 images with up to 20 themes. Users with a MyHeritage Complete plan will enjoy a higher usage quota at no additional cost.

Moreover, AI Time Machine is the latest in a suite of photo technologies from MyHeritage to improve old family photos. The company offers advanced AI technologies for animating, repairing, enhancing and colorizing historical photos.

Versace’s OPTIC West Session Speaks to the Importance of Photo Printing

Committed to supporting photographic printmaking, Epson sponsored professional photographer Vincent Versace at the OPTIC West event. Hosted by B&H Photo, OPTIC West took place in November in Monterey, California. Versace’s presentation, “Believing Is Seeing,” highlighted the importance of the photo print.

The session also included a small gallery of prints that were circulated through the audience. Additionally, Versace gave away a letter-size print of his renowned Cuba Blue image to those attending.

A recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography, Versace is one of the top photography artists and visual storytellers of this era. “I am a strong believer that the photographic print matters. In fact, it makes one a better photographer,” said Versace. “There is nothing quite as special as viewing a print to truly experience your image.” B-H-Optic-West-2022

The OPTIC West conference was hosted by B&H Photo and held in Monterey on California’s coast for the first time. It featured two days of presentations, a trade expo, photo critiques, contests as well as a whalewatching mini photo expedition. Furthermore, for lovers of the wildlife, travel and landscape genres, B&H also made the event available to those who couldn’t join in-person via livestreaming options.

“Versace’s presentation demonstrated the benefits and beauty of producing photographic prints, and how the print allows viewers to experience what the photographer intended,” said Dan (Dano) Steinhardt, marketing, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc.