Printing Press: What’s Happening September 2019

Printing Press: What’s Happening September 2019

                                 What’s Happening September 2019

The What’s Happening September 2019 installment covers printers, printers and print media. We begin with new metallic media for DNP’s DS photo printer and move on to a bevy of new Pixma printers from Canon. In addition, there’s the CP-M1E high-capacity dye-sub photo printer from Mitsubishi. Moreover, we take a look at a new color management tool from Datacolor.

DNP Introduces DS40 Luxury Metallic Media for Vibrant Printing

DNP Imagingcomm America introduced Luxury Metallic media for its DS40 photo printer. The “unique Metallic media accentuates eye-popping color for vibrant images, bringing out the bright energy and detail in each photo,” the company announced.

With a metallic layer developed to bring prints to life, DNP’s Luxury Metallic media increases contrast and shadows. It also boasts vibrancy to bring out the details in sports, wildlife, landscapes, sunsets and cityscape photographs. In addition, DNP developed new color profiles to reveal more detail and turn photographs into fine art.

DNP-Gloss-v-MettallicMedia What’s Happening September 2019
Standard Gloss (left) compared to DNP Luxury Metallic Media

“DNP developed Luxury media to bring something new to the growing, diverse demands for commercial and personal prints,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “Now photographers can easily elevate as well as expand their customer print options with stunning prints. Customers who have used Luxury media with the DS620A and DS820A have found great success. We’re excited to bring expanded printing opportunities to customers with the DS40 as well.”

The DS40 printer is a compact, affordable digital photo printer that uses high-resolution dye-sublimation technology. It features a front-loading ergonomic design as well as a donor ribbon with color dye. In addition, the printer produces high-quality 5×7- and 6×8-inch images. It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

DNP’s Luxury media is also available for its DS620A and DS820A printers in Metallic and Silver Pearl versions.

Canon Pixma TS8320 Headlines New Printers

Canon USA introduced a fleet of printers just in time for back-to-school shopping: the Pixma TS8320, TS6320, TS5320 and TS3320 printers. With families and generations Y and Z in mind, Canon’s latest printer lineup offers new and improved features. For instance, there is an updated user interface on the Pixma TS6320 and TS5320. And the Pixma TS8320, TS6320 and TS5320 have built-in support via QR codes to troubleshoot problems. In addition, auto paper width detection is provided on the Pixma TS8320, TS6320 and TS5320.

What’s Happening September 2019 Canon-Pixma-TS5320-output

New core features include a two-step wireless setup process to get users printing from a compatible smartphone. In addition, the streamlined setup process reduces installation time by approximately 13 minutes (compared to the prior generation printers). Also new is a status bar on the TS6320 and TS5320 printers that makes the printer’s status viewable from across the room. In addition, compatibility with the Card Isle Print-at-Home platform lets users design, purchase and print 5×7-inch greeting cards at home.

The Pixma TS8320 integrates with smartphones through improved 5 GHz Wi-Fi. It has a 4.3-inch touch LCD that enables users to view printer status, configure settings and navigate menus. $199.99.

What's Happening September 2019 Canon-Pixma-TS5320-pink
Canon Pixma TS5320

The Pixma TS5320 & TS6320 come in bright colors such as pink, green, and navy. They have a high-contrast OLED screen to view copy and settings; a status bar enables viewing the printer status from almost anywhere in the room.

These printers also employ an improved FINE cartridge system with new dye color for better photo printing on Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II paper. $99.99 and $149.99, respectively.

The TS3320 incorporates a wireless connect button to simplify setup. $79.99.

Datacolor Adds SpyderX Tool Kits for Digital Photographers

Datacolor, a provider of color management solutions, launched two product bundles for photographers to manage their color workflow. SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Studio both include the recently launched SpyderX color calibrator for monitors. The calibrator is the most accurate, fastest (4x faster) and easiest-to-use Spyder ever.

The SpyderX Capture Pro bundle provides the essentials needed to manage color from image capture through editing. It includes Spyder LensCal to calibrate cameras, lenses and DSLR components. It also bundles Spyder Cube to set white balance and RAW conversion. In addition, it features Spyder Checkr, a next-level camera color calibration; and SpyderX Elite, a professional monitor calibration.

Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro

Datacolor’s SpyderX Studio is an all-in-one photographic workflow solution for precision control from capture to editing and printing. It also includes: Spyder Cube to set white balance and RAW conversion; SpyderX Elite for professional monitor calibration; and Spyder Print, a printer profiler for any printer/ink/paper combination.

SpyderX Capture Pro has a suggested retail price of $399.99. SpyderX Studio retails for $499.99.

Mitsubishi CP-M1E High-Capacity Dye-Sub Photo Printer

The high-capacity Mitsubishi CP-M1E photo printer delivers printing volume up to 750 4×6-inch prints with easy media replacement in a reduced footprint. The new photo printer from Mitsubishi Electric boasts a rewind function that’s optimized for 4×6 prints. When the last half part of the ribbon patch is not used in the last order, it is available for the next 4×6 print order. However, the company notes that the rewind feature does not work using a matte finish.

“With up to 750 prints capacity (10x15cm) in a very reduced size, it’s a very complete solution perfect for high-capacity demand and less media exchange operations, making it a cost-saving model and perfect for photo booth use,” the company announced.

Mitsubishi CP-M1E

In addition, it’s built with Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary printhead control engine and image processing; algorithms enable the printing of high-quality photos with color depth and detailed output.

Moreover, with its reduced footprint and a weight just over 30 pounds, the CP-M1E fits almost anywhere. It also has a dust-resistant design that minimizes operational and printing issues caused when installed in a dusty environment. That makes it ideal for photo booth applications. “Air flow paths of power circuitry and the thermal head in the print engine are discrete and separate, as well as designed with positive pressure air flow that forces out dust and small particles while providing efficient cooling to the print engine,” the company explained.

The printer also features a user-friendly media replacement system. It allows immediate loading when taken out of the box. The media exchange system takes just three steps.