Kodak Digitizing Box: Converting Outdated Photo Media to Digital Formats

Kodak Digitizing Box: Converting Outdated Photo Media to Digital Formats


Rochester, NY—Kodak introduced the Kodak Digitizing Box. The service helps consumers to have their old memories transferred into present-day viewing options. Consumers can use the service to have their videotapes, camcorder tapes, old film reels as well as photo prints and slides converted to digital formats.

The offering is part of a new brand licensing agreement with AMB Media LLC. AMB Media is a direct to consumer digitizer of home movies and photos.

The Kodak Digitizing Box brings a modern version of Kodak’s yellow envelope back to customers’ doorsteps. It aims to make the task of digitizing aging media easy. A box is shipped to the customer, and they place the media they want to be converted inside the box. The media is mailed back in a prepaid, pre-addressed box. Kodak-Logo-2018

Moreover, throughout the entire process, a barcode system is in place to track the progress of the box. Moreover, it does so every step of the way. In a matter of weeks, the customer is sent plug-and-play media, DVDs or digital downloads, along with the treasured memories they sent to be converted.

“Kodak has been capturing and preserving people’s memories for more than a hundred years,” said Joel Satin, director of Brand Licensing and VP Consumer & Film Division. “This partnership with AMB Media reflects that legacy with a contemporary application for consumers of many ages and backgrounds.”

Kodak Digitizing Box Options

The Kodak Digitizing Box offers four options of service, with 19 types of media available for conversion to digital. They include VHS tapes, reel-to-reel audiotape, Super 8 film, 35mm slides and also picture negatives, to name a few.

“The Kodak brand brings instant trust as well as recognition for customers needing to digitize their families old home movies and photos,” added Adam Boeselager, cofounder of AMB Media LLC. “For some, it’ll be the completion of a journey; maybe their grandfather recorded their childhood on an old Super 8mm film reel and sent it to Kodak to be developed. Now decades later, that film can be digitized and modernized with the Kodak Digitizing Box service. Who else would they trust besides the historic Kodak brand?”

Consumers can order their Kodak Digitizing Box at kodakdigitizing.com.