Monadnock Paper Mills Celebrates 200 Years of American Papermaking

Monadnock Paper Mills Celebrates 200 Years of American Papermaking


Bennington, NH—Founded in 1819, Monadnock Paper Mills is celebrating 200 years of American papermaking in 2019. The mill is located in Bennington, New Hampshire, on the banks of the Contoocook River. Monadnock is the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the country. Moreover, it has survived and thrived through radical changes in the paper business.

Today, Monadnock and its eco-friendly products are everywhere. They are blue jean tags and craft beer labels as well as retail gift cards. Moreover, Monadnock decided decades ago to focus on environmental awareness and sustainability as the key to survival. While many companies use plastic, a growing number of the world’s leading brands have adopted paper as a high-performing, eco-friendly alternative. Monadnock-Archival-graphic

In addition, Monadnock is helping to make the world a more sustainable place. Like-minded brands like The Gap have paid a visit to Monadnock to better understand how the company has managed to innovate.

Richard Verney, chairman and CEO of Monadnock Paper Mills, stated: “Disruptive innovation has allowed Monadnock to thrive in a tough paper market. We created an entire line of plastic replacement products. Monadnock created Kona Paper, which is made with shredded coffee bean bags reclaimed from roasters across the country. We believe in reusing the world’s resources and are focused on relentless improvement moving forward. We are proud to celebrate 200 years of continuous papermaking and look forward to a long and prosperous future.”

Lisa Berghaus, director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, added: “Monadnock has employed many generations over these 200 years. It’s a true American success story of hard work and ingenuity. We believe it is our commitment to sustainability-oriented innovation, coupled with our support for the local community, that has earned us the pleasure of celebrating 200 years of continuous American papermaking.”

Monadnock Paper Mills Portfolio

Monadnock offers an extensive range of paper products for various applications. They include archival papers and boards, giclee/digital art reproduction, wall art, flame resistant poster, wallgraphics as well as several lines of fine printing papers.