Tech Trends: Photo Printing Remains an Integral Part of Consumers Lives

Tech Trends: Photo Printing Remains an Integral Part of Consumers Lives


Sparta, NJ—According to a study from Rise Above Research, most consumers still print photos. That is despite the ability to view as well as share photos electronically on mobile devices or computers. The research firm reports photo printing remains popular across all age groups. As a result, print service providers and photo retailers still have opportunities to get consumers to print more than they do now.

 “The photo print market has, of course, been impacted by the ability to view and share photos electronically on mobile devices. However, photo prints are still an important way for many consumers to express themselves through their photography,” said David Haueter, director and founder at Rise Above Research. “The majority of every age group in our study are still printing photos, even teenagers who have largely grown up with the habit of viewing photos on screens.

 “We’re also seeing a high level of interest in some new features that could make prints more relevant. These features include the ability to print text on the back of the photo that can give more details and context on the photo and allow consumers to personalize them more.”

Photo Printing Still Popular

 The study also found that the 25–34-year-old age group has the highest percentage of consumers who print photos. In fact, it’s especially encouraging to see the high proportion of teenagers and young people under age 24 who print photos. Those over age 55 are the least active photo printers. However, they still drive the market by requesting prints from others. 

             Photo Printers vs. Non-Photo Printers by Age Group

Source: 2022 Rise Above Research U.S. Photo Printing Study

 Furthermore, consumers print photos for a wide variety of reasons, according to the study. They include for display in the home and to give to others as gifts. The study also found that more than a third of those who print photos believe that prints are the best way to view and save important photos.

 These results show that photo prints are still relevant among a broad range of people, which opens the door for potential opportunities to increase print levels with new features. In the same study, a significant percentage of consumers expressed interest in being able to print notes on the back of their photos or scan a QR code on the photo that could link to more information.  

 The 2022 U.S. Photo Printing Study provides the results of an extensive online survey of U.S. consumers that focused on printing habits and behaviors for traditional photo prints. Respondents provided detailed information on what they print and when. They also revealed deeper insights as to why they find prints appealing and what their future intentions are.Rise-Above-Research-Logo-NEW

 In addition, the study provides an in-depth analysis of retail, online as well as home printing methods.

What’s more, it looks at the impact of Covid-19 on print habits. Non-printers were also asked about why they choose not to print and what could be done to make prints more attractive.