What’s Happening May 2017

What’s Happening May 2017

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ColorLyte by Solapix Curved Acrylic Photo Panel

DNP Single-Roll Mobile Media for DS40 Printer

This installment of What’s Happening begins with DNP IAM. DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) launched single-roll mobile media exclusively for its DS40 dye-sub printer. A case of the media can produce 400 4×6-inch prints or 800 2×6-inch photo strips, in matte or glossy finishes.

The smaller case is more portable for event photographers, giving them the option of using a lighter pack of media at events that don’t require a full double-roll case. The single-roll case packaging is capable of being reused multiple times. Made from 100% recycled material, its design makes it easier to repack and transport the roll from one event to another without damage.

DNP Single-Roll Mobile Media

“Providing practical and economical solutions to our customers’ increasingly dynamic workflow is an important part of our business,” said Katsuyuki Oshima, president of DNP IAM.

“The single-roll mobile media case improves the convenience and portability of our media offering for on-site photographers, giving them greater flexibility in managing the logistics of events of different sizes and scope.”

DNP’s single-roll media is available for $84. dnpphoto.com

Moab Entrada Rag Textured 300

Moab, a division of Legion Paper, introduced its 100% cotton Entrada Rag Textured 300 paper, the first new paper to be launched within the Entrada family. The award-winning 100% cotton fine art paper was developed for “superb ink handling and sharpness,” Moab announced. Entrada is an archival acid- and lignin-free paper with an expanded color gamut, natural contrast and high ink load.

Moab Entrada Rag Textured 300

The paper is compatible with dye as well as pigment inks; when used with archival inks, prints are said to last for generations. “The wide tonal range and high Dmax remains unparalleled for a cotton matte paper,” the company added. “The defined, yet subtle, texture enhances the printed image without being distracting. Its natural warm surface matches perfectly to the existing Entrada Rag Natural paper, making this a nice alternative to the traditional smooth finish.”

Entrada Rag Textured 300 is a single-sided, 300-gsm, OBA-free paper available in 25- and 100-sheet boxes. It comes in 5×7-, 8.5×11-, 13×19- and 17×22-inch sheets as well as 17″x50′, 24″x50′ and 44″x50′ rolls. The water-resistant paper ships this spring. ICC profiles will also be announced. moabpaper.com

Condé Systems Adds Curved Acrylic Photo Panels

Condé Systems added ColorLyte by Solapix curved acrylic photo panels to its DyeTrans product line. They are available in 5×7-, 8×10- and 11×14-inch sizes. The self-standing acrylic photo panels are designed to provide a modern way to display photographs. In addition, the photos can be clearly viewed from both sides.

Condé Systems’ ColorLyte by Solapix Curved Acrylic Photo Panels

The .22-inch-thick, patent-pending acrylic panels give depth to transferred images. Also, “the white imprintable coating on the backside provides image clarity and color reproduction that includes bright whites and deep blacks,” announced Condé. Produced using a dye-sub printer and a flat heat press, the curve is achieved by inserting a warm piece of flat imaged acrylic into the 5×7 landscape, 8×10 landscape, 8×10 portrait or 11×14 landscape forming jig.

ColorLyte curved acrylic photo panels are the first of several acrylic photo products planned for release this summer. Other products will include holiday ornaments, key chains and also charms. conde.com

Pakor Inks for Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100

Pakor’s Champion Digital Ink division developed Mydoprint-52 ink specifically for Fujifilm’s Frontier-S DX100 dry lab printer.

“Customers now have more choices as well as ways to increase their profits,” said David Goldman, Pakor’s regional sales manager. “I have several customers that have made this switch and are reporting back to me the inks are performing flawlessly. Because you can add one cartridge at a time or the complete set, it makes it easy for users to convert. It’s a truly ‘plug and play’ solution. We believe many businesses will gladly make the switch to the new Champion Digital Inks.”
Pakor-Champion-Ink-DX100_PR-GraphicManufactured in the U.S., Mydoprint-52 inks are designed to match the exact quality as well as specs of the original OEM inks. According to Pakor, the inks have undergone extensive testing. Mydoprint-52 inks perform to density and delta E tolerances well within the acceptable industry levels.  As a result, they are virtually impossible to distinguish from the OEM inks, added Goldman.

Furthermore, lightfastness testing was carried out to determine the UV stability of the ink and media combinations under a given set of conditions. Based on this testing, Mydoprint-52 ink is considered to be at least equivalent to Fujifilm DX100 counterparts. The inks also have additives to combat heat and humidity. liberty2create.com