Airpeak Light the Night with Sony & StellaPro

Airpeak Light the Night with Sony & StellaPro


Marina, CA—StellaPro offers a tutorial resource for photographic lighting at its online StellaPro Academy. The company recently provided an inside look at professional drone pilot Craig Coker’s three-night journey exploring drone light techniques with the Sony Airpeak S1 drone: Airpeak Light the Night. StellaPro is a U.S. manufacturer of photographic and cinematic lighting.

Craig Coker

Coker has 10 years of experience as a drone pilot. Moreover, for eight of them he has been mounting lights to his drones. For this series of shoots, Coker utilized high-powered LEDs and strobes mounted to the Airpeak. The lights projected onto his subjects for a unique perspective.

Airpeak Light the Night

Coker had this dream of flying light sources. However, he couldn’t find the light source that would provide wireless connectivity and change the brightness of light. Then he found the StellaPro Reflex S and the Sony Airpeak S1 drone. With his new imaging tools, Coker planned a night shoot and linked up with world-renowned action-sport athletes to spice up his creativity.

Sony Airpeak S1

The StellaPro Reflex S allowed him to stabilize the light source on a gimbal. As a result, Coker could have a fully stabilized light source on a drone. This helps him to capture athletes in a unique way that’s only possible with a flying light source.

StellaPro Reflex S

In addition, he used Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras with enhanced light sensitivity to capture his images. Moreover, Coker’s plan for the next five years is to take drone lighting to the next level. He wants to start using multiple drones and multiple light sources to create unique lighting effects.

What’s more, Coker believes that drone lighting has not been used in a way that fully supports first responders or search and rescue teams. However, he’s excited to explore those industries with the Sony Airpeak S1 and the Reflex S. So, stay tuned! 

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