Canon Showcases imagePrograf Pro Printer Gallery

Canon Showcases imagePrograf Pro Printer Gallery

Sample Prints from Explorers of Light Printed on Fine Art & Photo Media


Melville, NY—In an effort to demonstrate the quality of its large-format output, Canon USA announced that customers have the opportunity to receive fine art and photo media samples printed on imagePrograf Pro series large-format printers.

The printed photos will be of images taken by Canon’s Explorers of Light photographers. Those interested will be able to see firsthand images printed on the Pro printers using the series’ 11-color plus chroma optimizer ink system on six different media types. By visiting, they can request samples printed on the imagePrograf Pro-1000, imagePrograf Pro-2000 and imagePrograf Pro-4000 large-format printers.

Prints will be made using various Canon media types. These include photo paper pro premium matte, premium fine art bright white, premium fine art smooth, premium polished rag, photo paper pro premium platinum and photo paper pro luster.

This program is also designed to help consumers make a more educated decision when shopping for printers and media types.

imagePrograf Pro-1000

Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000

The imagePrograf Pro-1000 professional inkjet printer complements Canon’s professional line of EOS DSLR cameras and lenses. The 17-inch, large-format solution includes a new printhead, new ink and a new image-processing engine. Its FINE printhead has a tubular ink delivery system designed to generate faster print speeds. It also reduces the possibility of clogging. Additionally, ink ejection conditions are checked with sensors. If a clog is detected, another nozzle automatically provides backup. This also reduces the frequency of which nozzle cleaning is required.

The printer also uses a Canon air-feeding system. Air-feeding is designed to prevent each page from skewing for accurate ink placement, regardless of paper type. In addition, denser droplet placement provides a broader color gamut and improved gloss uniformity for glossiness and anti-bronzing. On fine art papers, higher black density is said to render even the finest shadow detail. $1,299.99.

ImagePrograf Pro-2000

Canon ImagePrograf Pro-2000

Canon says the 24-inch imagePrograf Pro-2000 is “designed to exceed expectations for image quality and color consistency in a large-format printer.”

The printer employs a 1.28-inch-wide, 12-channel integrated compact printhead. It uses a Lucia Pro ink set plus chroma optimizer. Furthermore, it features a high-precision mechanical platform and the L-COA Pro high-speed processing engine to achieve a balance between print quality and speed. $2,995.

In addition, The 44-inch imagePrograf Pro-4000 also uses a 1.28-inch-wide, 12-channel integrated compact printhead, Lucia Pro ink plus chroma optimizer and the L-COA Pro image-processing engine to achieve a balance between print quality and speed. $5,995.

Canon Explorers of Light

Canon’s Explorers of Light program is comprised of influential photographers and cinematographers from across the globe. Each focuses on his or her own creative specialty. Appearing at seminars, gallery showings and special events throughout the United States, the Explorers of Light share their photography and technical expertise with audiences of photo professionals, hobbyists as well as enthusiasts.

Customers who request imagePrograf Pro printer samples will receive photographs shot using Canon EOS digital SLR cameras. The images will be from the following Explorers of Light: Michele Celentano, Darrell Gulin, Adam Jones, George Lepp, Ken Sklute and Jennifer Wu.