Canon Pro Services Supports Photographers in Rio

Canon Pro Services Supports Photographers in Rio


Melville, NY—Canon USA brought its service and support expertise to the Olympics in Rio to maximize the performance of its users’ professional imaging equipment.

Canon’s service and support staff is providing preventative maintenance and repairs to help professionals shooting with Canon equipment.  The equipment include everything from pro DSLR cameras and EF lenses to broadcast television lenses.

Canon’s team of 70+ technicians and support staff will be in Rio de Janiero for nearly a month. Canon Professional Services (CPS) is set to provide equipment maintenance and repairs, equipment loans and technical support.

“Canon is proud to offer professional photographers and broadcasters high-quality image-making solutions that are thoughtfully designed and versatile so that they can capture sharp, clear, detailed images and video,” said Elizabeth Pratt, director, Professional Client Development and Support, Canon USA. “Knowing that iconic images will be captured, seen and shared by people around the world really drives Canon to provide professionals with not only high-quality equipment but the customer support they need to help ensure they never miss a beat if anything happens to their equipment.”

CPS Depot Room

Canon Equipment in Rio

For example, the Associated Press will be using Canon cameras and lenses exclusively in Rio. Notably, this includes cameras that are integrated with advanced robotics systems. Furthermore, the robotic camera systems, mounted above a field or underwater in pools, are fully controlled remotely over a network.

In addition, a majority of Reuters photographers also will be using Canon DSLRs and lenses. “Photographing large sporting events for thousands of news outlets and an audience of billions requires meticulous planning and technical resilience. The staff and engineers from CPS help ensure that the Canon cameras used by the world’s top sports photographers receive precision treatment. The goal is to allow them to take pictures that capture key moments and illustrate the spirit of competition,” added Kevin Coombs, production editor for Thomson Reuters.

Additionally, Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR and ultrawide EF 11–24mm f/4L USM lens were selected by Getty Images. They will be used in a new remote-controlled underwater robotic system. The system will allow Getty Images to capture photos at extremely wide perspectives.

“As the world’s leading visual communications company, we believe that our world class sports photographers must have the most up-to-date photographic technology that empowers them to do their job, and to do it exceptionally well. Getty Images is using Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II cameras and EF 11–24mm f/4L USM lenses in a unique, remotely-controlled underwater camera system that gives us the flexibility to follow and capture action from beneath,” said Ken Mainardis, vice president of Sport at Getty Images.