Fundy Designer Suite for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Fundy Designer Suite for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Integrated Pro Enhancements Include Design Proofer, One-Click Retouching


Portland, OR—Fundy Software launched the all-in-one Fundy Designer suite for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The pro photography software company is best known for its design software, Album Builder and Gallery Designer, and its workflow and in-person sales tools. Fundy announced its newly revamped product line includes Lite, Pro and Studio suite licensing options.

Fundy Designer

In addition, for a limited time, the software is offering all licensing options a three-month free subscription of Pro Enhancements.

Fundy Designer is a template-free solution for professional photographers. It was developed for ease of use with powerful tools. The suite was created to give professional photographers the creative freedom to design, sell and proof from one application. According to the company, photographers can reduce design time by four times while increasing studio revenues by threefold utilizing Fundy Designer.

“Our newly revamped product line and attractive price points reflect the rapid growth and popularity the Fundy Suite has achieved since its launch in 2008. Our new tiered pricing gives a pathway for professional photographers to add significant revenue to their business and expand their product offerings as their business grows,” said Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg, founder of Fundy Software.

Pro Enhancements’ before and after one-touch skin retouching

“Additionally, our new Pro Enhancements perfectly fits our company mission to help professional photographers design better and do more so they can get back to the moments that matter to them most to their clients,” continued Funderburg.

Using the software suite, professional photographers can create customized albums and wall art. Fundy is also designed as a sales tool that enables professional photographers to conduct sales sessions with their clients. These sessions can be conducted either in-person or virtually from anywhere.

With Pro Enhancements, such as one-click skin retouching from Perfectly Clear, and the Fundy Design Proofer, professional photographers can save countless hours, drive design approvals and impress clients, added Funderburg.

Fundy Suite Lite was created to enable pro photographers to design and sell the most popular wall art

Fundy-Designer-OutputThe Fundy Suite Lite is the starting point, priced at $199, for the emerging pro. It was created to enable them to design and sell the most popular album and wall art to clients. The Fundy Suite Pro, priced at $349, adds more professional options. These include the ability to preview custom framed prints and design larger albums for high-end brides. The top-tier Fundy Suite Studio, priced at $499, is targeted at large studios. It allows up to five computers to run the suite simultaneously.

Fundy Software

Fundy Software believes in the power of the printed product—both for families to enjoy and for the difference it can make for professional photographers in their businesses.

Former wedding and portrait photographer Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg founded the company in 2008. Fundy Software was created to give professionals a template-free design solution for complete creative control. Furthermore, the company’s team believes in constant improvement and innovation. It is also dedicated to “helping photographers design better and do more.”