Headshots by The Light Committee Expands Customer Base

Headshots by The Light Committee Expands Customer Base


Los Angeles, CA—A greater Los Angeles headshot studio, Headshots by The Light Committee added new photo shoot options as demand has grown from additional customer segments. Beyond shoots for actors, models and business professionals, new sessions now include graduation photo shoots, dating profile pictures and also social media photographer shoots.

Over the past year, the studio has seen increased requests from customers beyond their primary clientele. They include growing demand for senior portraits and for social media content photo shoots. Most important, the expansion allows the studio to maintain its focus on photographing individual people while expanding its service reach.

Moreover, the studio’s ideal customers understand professional photography is the best way to stand apart from the crowd that settles with smartphone headshots. Headshots-studio-glendale-outdoors-headshots-1

“Some customers also believe some moments like graduation are highly cherished. They want professional photos as a result. Furthermore. professional photos for dating or social media profiles offer high quality imagery to stand apart,” the company announced. As a result, Headshots by The Light Committee is seeing more people are turning to the local photography studio for these types of photo shoots.

Headshots by The Light Committee Services

The photography studio serves a variety of individual customer types, providing in-studio or outdoor location photo shoots. It also provides mobile headshot services in the greater Los Angeles area for corporate teams at their offices.

Usual customers include actors; corporate teams; CEOs and presidents; entrepreneurs; models; real estate agents, doctors and medical residency applicants for ERAS; lawyers; financial advisors; as well as creative professionals like authors, dancers and musicians. However, now people for dating profiles and graduates from college and high school want better photography for social media.

The starter session time for a photo shoot is typically 30 minutes and allows for one outfit. The studio creates around 50 photos, capturing many poses. It then provides an online gallery within one or two weekdays to select one retouch photo. Retouching is done to preserve a natural look while enhancing the photo.

What’s more, photos that are not selected for a retouch are also slightly edited for appearance. After the studio completes retouching, it provides all the photos from the session via download.

In addition, there is an unlimited looks session. The session lasts one hour and comes with two retouches. Furthermore, sessions have options that customers can choose to add; for example, they can choose studio, outdoors or both, same-day service as well as bringing a stylist to the shoot.