Fujifilm Showcases 4K Ultra HD and Cine Lenses at NAB

Fujifilm Showcases 4K Ultra HD and Cine Lenses at NAB


Wayne, NJ—At the NAB Show, Fujifilm North America’s Optical Devices Division showcased its entire range of 4K Ultra HD series, Cabrio PL cine/ENG-style lenses and Premier PL 4K+ cine lenses, as well as the XA55x9.5BESM 2/3-inch zoom and XA99x8.4 ultra-wide field production lens. NAB ran April 16–21, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“NAB is always a high point of the year for us,” said Thom Calabro, director of Marketing and Product Development for the Optical Division of Fujifilm. “We get to connect with so many of our customers, from broadcasters to DPs, dealers, rental houses and their customers, corporate customers, and live event producers. It’s always a great venue to show off what we’ve been working on to such a broad range of current and potential customers.”

Fujifilm Fujinon Premier PL Lenses

The Fujinon 4K Ultra HD series was a booth highlight. The UA80X9 field lens and the UA22x8 portable zoom are designed for broadcast applications and are compatible with 4K 2/3-inch broadcast cameras. The UA80X9 has an 80x zoom and optical image stabilization, making it suitable for coverage of large-scale live events, such as concerts and sports. The lens covers focal lengths ranging from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto. The UA80x9 size and weight is similar to the XA99x8.4 field lens.

With a compact, lightweight design, a 22× zoom ratio and a focal length from 8mm in wide angle to 176mm in telephoto, the UA22x8 lens can be used in capturing a range of applications, including live sports, program production and news reporting.

Fujinon Premier PL 4K+ zooms are available from 14.5 to 400mm. The entire lineup of cine lenses will be in the booth: the 14.5–45mm T2.0; 18–85mm T2.0; 24–180mm T2.6; and 75–400mm T2.8–3.8. The Premier PL 4K+ series is said to feature the fastest T speeds available in a family of zooms. All four PL-mount zooms are similar in size and weight. Their uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters (136mm) enable quick lens changes. Premier PL lenses include the 14.5–45mm T2.0; 18–85mm T2.0; 24–180mm T2.6; and 75–400mm T2.8–3.8.

Fujifilm Fujinon PL 19-90mm Cabrio

The Fujinon Premier PL 25–300mm Cabrio zoom was exhibited along with the rest of the Cabrio series—the PL 19–90, 85–300 and 14–35mm. All Cabrio lenses feature detachable servo drive units for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote control of zoom, focus and iris adjustment. The PL 25–300 servo is optional, making them suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-style lens. They can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers or existing Fujinon wired units.

Fujinon Field Lenses

Field lenses on hand at the NAB booth were the Fujinon XA55x9.5BESM 2/3-inch zoom and theXA99x8.4 ultra-wide field production lens. The XA99x8.4 combines a long zoom reach and an ultra-wide angle. It offers a zoom range of 99x, a focal length of 8.4–832mm and a MOD of 2.9m. It features Fujinon’s patented image stabilization technology. High-resolution 16-bit encoders are standard, making it suitable to virtual, robotic and digital signage, among other applications.

The XA55x9.5 HDTV telephoto box-style lens is designed for large venues that require tight shots from long distances. This lens is available with a built-in lens support bracket for mounting on an ENG-style camera. Also incorporated into the XA55x is optical image stabilization. This makes it suitable for applications where the camera operator must maintain a steady close-up shot for long periods, such as sporting events. fujifilmusa.com