Fujifilm UA UA107x8.4 Fujinon Lens

Fujifilm UA UA107x8.4 Fujinon Lens

Fujifilm Fujinon 4K Premier UHD UA107x8.4

Valhalla, NY—Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Division is a major manufacturer and distributor of Fujinon 2/3-inch HD and 4K UHD ENG, EFP and Studio zoom lenses. The lenses are targeted at the videography, nature, corporate television, broadcast sports and news markets. At NAB, Fujifilm will feature, among many others, the new Fujinon UA UA107x8.4 lens.

Fujifilm offers a large range of Fujifilm cinema zoom lenses in PL mount (Premier and Cabrio) as well as E mount (MK). They are aimed at cinematographers and cameramen in the motion picture, television and commercial production communities.

Fujifilm UA UA107x8.4 Specs

The new Fujifilm Premier 4K UA UA107x8.4 is said to be the longest and widest 4K lens for Ultra HD broadcast applications. The UA107x8.4 delivers 4K optical quality, a hallmark of Fujinon ZK-series cine lenses. The optical quality is based on large diameter aspherical elements designed by their latest optical simulation system.

Also, the lens achieves 4K UHD optical performance while suppressing image distortion due to a multi-group zoom system. Moreover, it’s designed to produce 4K UHD performance from today’s new 4K 2/3″ Ultra HD cameras. Fujinon-Logo-croppedThe UA107x8.4 also employs the company’s latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) to produce richer colors and improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC, coupled with Fujifilm’s exclusive Aspheric technology, reduces ghost and flare and increases light transmission. In addition, a proprietary antifogging design minimizes lens fogging to reduce downtime due to moisture.

Furthermore, designed along the same parameters of the UA80x and XA99x, the UA107x has the same digital features. These include: F number limit; F number 1.7; quick zoom, two-shot presets; a 2x extender; virtual reality connections; and 16-bit encoders.

The Fujinon 4K Premier UHD UA107x8.4 lens also features a patented optical image stabilization technology, OS-TECH. $199,000. fujifilmusa.com