Lensbaby Soft Focus II Optic Revisits Impressionistic Imagery

Lensbaby Soft Focus II Optic Revisits Impressionistic Imagery

© Gerri Jones, Lensbaby Soft Focus II | ISO | 100 | 1/3200 | Nikon D750

Portland, OR—The Lensbaby Soft Focus II optic is a new and improved version of one of the earliest optics in Lensbaby’s Optic Swap system. Moreover, the original optic, no longer available, is now one of the company’s most-sought-after optics.

Compatible with all Lensbaby’s current and legacy Optic Swap lens bodies, the Soft Focus II improves on its predecessor. It does so by adding a 12-blade, manually adjustable internal aperture to its unique drop-in magnetic aperture system.

Lensbaby Soft Focus II

Of course, the new optic only works with an Optic Swap compatible lens body. Consequently, in addition to selling it separately, Lensbaby is offering the optic with the Lensbaby fixed body. However, the optic will fit in any of the Lensbaby Optic Swap compatible lens bodies, including the Composer Pro II.

Lensbaby Soft Focus II Features

The optic features a 50mm focal length and an aperture range from f/2.5 to f/22. When shot at its brightest aperture settings, the Soft Focus II creates an impressionistic image with subtle sharp detail beneath.

© Gerri Jones, Lensbaby Soft Focus II | ISO | 500 | 1/100 | Nikon D75

It also renders a color palette tending toward soft pastels at brighter apertures. In addition, it produces a flat field of focus. As a result, stopped down to f/8 or darker, the Soft Focus II produces detailed, traditionally sharp images with a large central area of focus and out-of-focus edges on full-frame sensors and 35mm film.

Soft Focus II with fixed body

Further, quick variability of the optical effect from impressionistic and full of glow to contrasty and sharp is made possible by the internal 12-blade aperture. Photographers adjust the effect by simply turning the front of the optic.

What’s more, the optic works with SLR as well as mirrorless cameras employing a 35mm full-frame, APS-C or Four Thirds sensor. It also features 46mm filter threads and a broadband antireflective multi-coating.

“This optic has the look of a Lomography art lens, which produces a silky soft, artful image reminiscent of the pictorial period of photography,” commented Lensbaby Ambassador Gerri Jones.

© Gerri Jones, Lensbaby Soft Focus II | ISO | 1250 | 1/80 | Nikon D75

“You can create everything from ethereal landscapes and portraits to flower images, using light that looks dreamy and magic with a soft, diffused appearance.”

The Soft Focus II optic with a Lensbaby fixed body in Canon EF, Nikon F or Sony E mount retails for $279.95. The Soft Focus II 50mm optic only sells for $179.95.