Rokinon Cine DSX Lenses with Enhanced Features

Rokinon Cine DSX Lenses with Enhanced Features


New York, NY—Rokinon expanded its cine lens lineup with the addition of its Rokinon Cine DSX lens line. Moreover, the lenses sport a new compact, sleeker design with a matte black finish. Notably, Rokinon Cine DSX lenses offer enhanced features, including a rounded 9-blade aperture for smoother circular bokeh.

In addition, DSX lens mounts are weather sealed. Rokinon will offer them in Canon EF, Canon RF, Canon M, Fujifilm X, MFT, Nikon F and Sony E mounts.

Rokinon Cine DSX lenses Rokinon-DSX-24mm-T1
Rokinon Cine DSX 24mm T1.5

The Cine DSX series will ship to retail in October 2020, beginning with the most popular focal lengths of 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. Furthermore, with fullframe coverage, fast T1.5 apertures and optical designs utilizing special elements, Rokinon DSX lenses support the capabilities of the latest DSLR, mirrorless and Cine camera systems.

Rokinon Cine DSX Lens Features

Rokinon’s new line of Cine DSX lenses features calibration in T-stops as well as tight color matching. The company says they offer “silky smooth long focus throws for precise focus control.”

What’s more, their nonrotating front designs facilitates the use of polarizers and hoods. Plus, their apertures are de-clicked for smooth and silent operation. In addition, left and right side focusing and aperture scales let cinematographers work from either side.

Rokinon Cine DSX 35mm T1.5

The lenses also utilize industry standard 0.8 MOD gearing with uniform DSX; DS series focus and aperture gear placement additionally enables faster lens changes when using follow focus devices.

Finally, the optical design comprises high refractive index (HR); extra-low dispersion (ED); aspherical; and hybrid aspherical elements. Together they work to reduce aberrations.

Key Cine DSX features are enhanced lens markings with focal lengths visible from the sides of the lens; and also focusing and aperture gears are smoother to the touch for comfort when pulling focus by hand. All the lenses come with a two-year warranty.

Rokinon Cine DSX Lenses

Rokinon Cine DSX 24mm T1.5. This lens has 13 elements in 12 groups; the design includes one aspherical and four ED elements with proprietary UMC coating. It has a minimum focusing distance of 9.8 inches; a 77mm filter size; and a 9blade aperture. MSRP: $799. Rokinon-Cine-DSX-Gear-Postions

Rokinon Cine DSX 35mm T1.5. Its 12 element/10 group design employs one aspherical and two HR elements with UMC coating. It provides an 11.8-inch minimum focusing distance; a 77mm filter size; and a 9-bladed aperture. MSRP: $699.

Rokinon-Cine-DSX-lenses 85mm-T1.5
Rokinon Cine DSX 85mm T1.5

Rokinon Cine DSX 50mm T1.5. Utilizing 9 elements in 6 groups, this lens has one aspherical and one hybrid aspherical element with UMC coating. It offers a 17.7-inch minimum focusing distance; a 77mm filter size; and a 9-bladed aperture. MSRP: $649.

Rokinon Cine DSX 85mm T1.5. Comprising a 9 element/7 group design, it has one hybrid aspherical element with UMC coating. It also features a 3.6-foot minimum focusing distance; a 72x maximum shooting magnification; and a 9-bladed aperture. MSRP: $499.