Sigma Cine Lens for Cinema Lens Market

Sigma Cine Lens for Cinema Lens Market


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma Corporation will enter into the cinema lens market with the release of its Sigma Cine lenses, designed specifically for cinematography.

Initially, Sigma’s High Speed Cine Zoom 18–35mm T2 and 50–100mm T2 lenses will be released in the U.S. for EF- and E-mount cameras. The lenses will ship December 9, 2016 with SRPs of $3,999.

In the world of digital film production, there is an increasing demand for higher resolution, and Sigma’s new lineup of cinema lenses is compatible with the latest, high-resolution digital cinema cameras. Sigma developed its own production system by establishing the required technology for mass production of cine lenses for ultra-megapixel shooting.

The company feels “this valuable new lens line could create a fundamental change in digital film production, and provide a new solution for cinematographers,” Sigma announced.

Sigma Cine 50–100mm T2

High Speed Cine Zoom Lenses

Sigma’s High Speed Zoom line is designed to offer the constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range. And the lenses’ optical performance is geared for high-resolution shooting such as 6K to 8K. Furthermore, Sigma High Speed Zoom lenses have a compact construction.

The line debuts with the 18–35mm T2 and 50–100mm T2 lenses, both with an aperture range of T2.0–T16. The 18–35mm lens has a close focus distance of 11 inches, while the 50–100mm’s is just over three feet.

FF Cine Zoom Lenses

Sigma Cine 25–35mm T2.2 FF

The 25–35mm T2.2 FF is this line’s initial offering. The lens is compatible with a full-frame image circle, and its optical performance is optimized for 6K–8K shooting. “It provides a rare option for cinematographers since very few lenses can cater to the requirements of the latest digital cinema cameras’ image sensor, which is larger than Super 35, and expand the range of compatible cameras,” notes Sigma.

The 25–35mm T2.2 FF is Sigma’s cinema zoom lens offering the highest image quality and compact design. This lens is not available in a PL mount. With an aperture range of T2.2 to T16, it has an 11-inch close focus distance.

FF High Speed Cine Prime Lenses

This lineup consists of 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T1.5 FF lenses. And all five lenses have an aperture range of T1.5 to T16. They are designed to work with cameras employing full-frame sensors. With FF High Speed Prime lenses, there is no need to change the lighting to shoot a variety of cuts. The lenses are engineered to bring a consistent level of light to the production and “offer greater consistency with regard to the film’s look and color/contrast before it enters postproduction.”

Sigma Cine 85mm T1.5 FF

In addition, all of Sigma’s Cine lens models are weatherproof and have luminous paint markings to aid in changing and operating the lens in the dark. They also tout a long focus rotation of 180º. The Cine lineup also provides standardized features such as an 82mm front for ND filters, a 95mm front diameter for matte box use, and standard gear positions for accessories. They also include a manual linear iris control and electronic mounts that provide camera metadata. Each lens is manufactured and inspected in the Sigma factory located in Aizu, Japan.

Sigma’s new Cine lenses will be available toward the end of 2016, with pricing to be announced.

Furthermore, Sigma plans to release another zoom lens and five prime lenses in sequence from 2017 onward. Additionally, the company plans to develop other zoom and prime lenses as well as add support for PL-mount camera systems.