Venus Laowa 19mm F2.8 Zero-D GFX Ultrawide Medium-Format Lens

Venus Laowa 19mm F2.8 Zero-D GFX Ultrawide Medium-Format Lens


Anhui, China—Venus Optics released a compact native GFX lens in the Fujifilm G mount: the Laowa 19mm F2.8 Zero-D GFX. As a medium-format, ultrawide-angle lens, it is one of the smallest in its class. It weighs in at 19.3 ounces and is 3.1 inches in length.

Being compact for its size, Venus says the lens is perfect for photographers who need to travel around or want to have a lighter setup.

However, despite the compact size, the lens captures an angle of view of 110° with zero distortion. As a result, it enables photographers to capture various types of photography, including landscape, interior, architecture and astrophotography.

Venus Optics Laowa 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D GFX

The lens is constructed of 12 elements in 10 groups. It includes two spherical lenses, three extra-low dispersion glass elements (ED), as well as an ultra-high refractive glass element (UHR).

Laowa 19mm F2.8 Zero-D GFX Features

The medium-format lens also has an f/2.8 large aperture. It helps photographers to shoot in darker environments or create a pleasing out-of-focus background. And they can do so without bumping up the ISO. In addition, having a fast aperture provides an option for better background separation with the subject.

What’s more, the lens can render a 10-point sunstar due to its five aperture blades. By stopping down the aperture, photographers can create the perfect 10-point sunstar.

The compact 19mm lens also provides a 77mm filter thread. Consequently, photographers can use screw-in filters without the need for a filter holder.

Moreover, the lens has a minimum focusing distance of 7 inches. As a result, photographers can make creative shots that are extremely close to the subject while still including background information in the scene.

Venus Optics Laowa 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D GFX

Further, because of the larger medium-format sensor size of the GFX system, the lens is equivalent to about 15mm on a full-frame sensor. The ultrawide perspective is helpful when shooting in tight spaces. It will also create an exaggerated sense of extension.

What’s more, the Laowa Zero-D is known for exhibiting close-to-zero optical distortion. This is extremely useful for architecture and interior photography, as it helps retain all the straight lines.

Lastly, the lens has a similar focusing scale adjustment system as the Laowa 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D. Consequently, it is easier for users to adjust the focus marking against their own cameras. The actual infinity markings are calibrated exactly on the infinity mark. This is useul when shooting in the field, especially at night when doing astrophotography.

Venus Optic’s Laowa 19mm f/2.8 Zero-D GFX in the Fujifilm G mount has a suggested retail price of $999.