Zhong Yi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 PL-Mount Lens

Zhong Yi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 PL-Mount Lens

First Native PL-Mount Full-Frame 50mm T1 Lens  


Shen Yang, China—Zhong Yi Optics has started shipping the Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 lens in a new housing design. Preserving its optical quality, the engineers modified the lens’s housing to industry standards; they also enabled it to fit all PL cameras.

Moreover, the company says it is the first-ever full-frame 50mm T1 lens in a native PL mount. However, the lens also comes in an EF mount. A wide-aperture lens manufacturer, Zhong Yi launched its first cine lens line nearly a year ago.

Zhong Yi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1

Further, it took almost a year for the company’s team to optimize the design of the Speedmaster 50mm T1 lens. The lens now incorporates the filmmaking industry’s standards. This includes a 0.8 Mod gear to help the precise working of follow focus gadgets; a 105mm filter thread; as well as a 114mm outer diameter. These all reflect the common specifications of cinema lenses in the market.

Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1

The 50mm T1 cinema lens is the first native PL-mount lens with an ultrafast T1 aperture value. Consequently, it fits in PL-mount camera bodies from popular brands like RED, Arri, Blackmagic, Canon as well as Sony. No adapter is needed in the setup. In addition, the 50mm T1 lens completely covers the sensor of professional large-format EF- and  PL-mount cinema cameras.

What’s more, having the same specifications as other cinema lenses saves time when changing lenses in production. Operators are free from frequent readjustment of the settings. The lens’s seamless lens gear and long focus throw with dual scale markings (Imperial and metrics) allow accurate control of the focus point even with an extremely shallow depth of field at T1.0.

Furthermore, as with all other Mitakon lenses, the Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 lens employs a metallic exterior. “A solid feel of precision is found with this lens via the smooth aperture control ring as well as the engraved marking on the lens housing,” the company announced.

Zhong Yi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 Zy-Speedmaster50mmT1Cine_JamesTonkin
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Additionally, a 2.1-foot (0.65m) close minimum focusing distance and T1 aperture render a buttery smooth bokeh. As a result, the lens creates a dreamy ambience and separation of the subject from the background. Thus, it is an option for visual storytelling, narrative, wedding and interview shooting.

Also, users can shoot at night or in a low-light environment with no other artificial lighting. The new 50mm T1 cine lens also retains the color contrast and sharpness of the image even with its aperture wide open. Other features include a manual focus design as well as a 9-bladed rounded aperture.

The Zhong Yi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 lens in EF or PL mounts has a suggested retail price of $999. In addition, a protective case comes with the purchase of each lens.