Epson Expression 12000XL Large-Format Scanners

Epson Expression 12000XL Large-Format Scanners

For Pro Photographers, New Scanner Provides High-Resolution Output

Epson Expression 12000XL-PH

Long Beach, CA—Epson America debuted the Epson Expression 12000XL large-format, color flatbed scanner. The Expression 12000XL is engineered for professional-quality, tabloid-size scanning with the latest imaging technology.

The scanner comes in two configurations: the Expression 12000XL-PH for photographers and film preservationists; and the Expression 12000XL-GA for professional graphic artists, museums and forensic labs. Both deliver large-format scanning up to 12.2×17.2 inches with 2,400×4,800-dpi resolution.

“The Expression 12000XL is the only 17-inch photo scanner available on the market offering advanced features such as a fast warm-up LED lamp, batch scanning capabilities and high-resolution output for professional photographers and graphic artists alike,” said Mark Pickard, product manager, scanning, Epson America, Inc. “Expanding on Epson’s legacy in the photo scanner market, the Expression 12000XL scanner is designed to augment the workflows of today’s graphic artists, fine artists and photographers.”

Epson Expression 12000XL-PH

The Expression 12000XL leverages Epson’s ColorTrue II imaging system. The system combines a fast warm-up LED lamp featuring 30% less power consumption with Epson MatrixCCD technology. MatrixCCD was developed to achieve enhanced colors and pinpoint registration.

The device can scan an 8.5×11-inch color image in 23 seconds at 300 dpi. It can also scan a 35mm slide in 51 seconds at 2,400 dpi. Additionally, incorporating Epson Easy Photo Fix technology, the scanner offers one-touch restoration for faded color photos, plus automatic dust removal and grain reduction.

Furthermore, its autofocus optics are designed to ensure optimal focusing on an original image, up to 6mm above the scanner glass. This feature makes the scanner suitable for scanning 3D items and transparencies. Other new features include a display Gamma of 2.2 and sRGB color space for improved image correction.

Additional Epson Expression 12000XL Features

The scanner also accommodates reflective media up to 12.2×17.2 inches, plus slides, negatives and transparency strips for the Expression 12000XL-PH. In addition to high-res scanning, the device provides a 3.8 Dmax for clarity and detail.

To increase productivity, a batch-scanning feature allows users to scan multiple printed images at one time and save files to a PC or Mac. Also included is LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Ai and IT8 Target software to calibrate colors.

The scanner’s transparency unit additionally scans up to 48 frames of 25mm negatives, 30 slides, eight frames of 4×5-inch transparencies or six media-format transparency strips up to 18cm long. The unit is included with the Expression 12000XL-PH and an optional accessory priced at $599.99 for the Expression 12000XL-GA.

The Expression 12000XL-GA, with an SRP of $2,895, and the Expression 12000XL-PH, $3,429, are now available for purchase. Both scanners come with Epson service and support, including a one-year limited warranty. The Epson 1-Year High-End Business Scanner Service Plan ($525.95) is also available as a service extension option. Users can purchase up to four additional years per unit for up to five years of coverage.