Noritsu Debuts QSS Green IV Inkjet Photo Lab Solution

Noritsu Debuts QSS Green IV Inkjet Photo Lab Solution

Noritsu QSS Green IV

Buena Park, CA—Earlier this month at the IPIC Print + Imaging conference, Noritsu introduced the newest model in its Green series of photo inkjet printers. “The QSS Green IV adds versatility, creates labor savings, lowers maintenance costs and is backed by Noritsu’s industry leading support,” the company announced.

Moreover, the QSS Green IV has dual-roll capability using both internal and dual-roll external paper magazines. It boasts a 12-inch roll capacity and the ability to print up to 69.2 inches, providing more output options.

In addition, the company says that workflow with multiple paper sizes is “simple and efficient.” A combination of paper sizes or surfaces to match production needs can be kept on board to ease labor and get prints out more quickly. As a result, print sizes range from wallets to panoramas up to 12×69 inches.

Other Key QSS Green IV Features

Furthermore, the QSS Green IV employs the “highly reliable, Green print engine,” Noritsu stated. The engine continues support for RAW files without the need for conversion. It also prints up to 1,440×1,440-dpi resolution. In addition, it does so in under a 5-square-foot space. Noritsu-Logo-w-tag-2018The Green IV also offers automatic print sorting. Orders and enlargements can be presorted to make packaging quicker and easier. Moreover, the lab solution comes with the Noritsu EZ-Controller software suite. AccuSmart imaging software enables users to network their equipment, set up a workflow and run production with the level of automation they choose. With EZ-Controller, operators can automatically or manually control input from an array of sources and output to their QSS systems or other supported printers.

Noritsu also offers a number of add-on imaging applications as well as the ability to print from phones. Moreover, operators can print directly from any Windows or Mac desktop application with Noritsu’s QSS Printer Driver. Multiple network configurations and environments are supported.

Noritsu QSS Green Series

The QSS Green series is the latest in the company’s long line of dry photo lab systems. The compact solutions are engineered to produce long-lasting, photo-quality dry ink prints and are available in multiple configurations.