Epson SureColor V7000 10-Color UV Flatbed Printer

Epson SureColor V7000 10-Color UV Flatbed Printer

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Los Alamitos, CA—To meet the needs of today’s print service providers, Epson will release the Epson SureColor V7000 this month. The V7000 is Epson’s first UV flatbed printer designed for printing quality outdoor signage as well as promotional goods.

Built to deliver bright, colorful, tactile prints with low graininess and smooth gradation, the SureColor V7000 is a 4×8-foot printer. In addition, the entry-level printer is capable of printing on a variety of rigid substrates up to 3 inches thick.

“The SureColor V7000 was specifically designed to address common pain points of flatbed printer customers—quality, productivity and price. And also allow print service providers to expand their business offerings with an affordable solution,” said Matt McCausland, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc.

Epson SureColor V7000

“The new UV flatbed printer offers high-end printing technologies; it has a unique red ink never before seen in an entry-level flatbed printer. And it provides an easy and cost-effective option for print shops looking to expand from roll-to-roll printing to flatbed printing.”

Epson SureColor V7000 Features

The new printer uses 10-color UltraChrome UV ink, including vivid red ink, gray, opaque white ink and varnish. In addition, the SureColor V7000 can produce color or three-layer prints with little difference in production speeds by leveraging eight MicroPiezo printheads.

Moreover, the printhead alignment delivers variable droplets and accurate placement for bright, colorful, tactile prints with low graininess and smooth gradations. The printhead also includes a new circulation system for white ink; this limits sedimentation as well as preserves printhead nozzle integrity.

With easy operation in mind, the SureColor V7000 offers several usability features. A pin registration system enables quick loading and easier media alignment; a multi-zone (four) vacuum system keeps materials securely in place; and automatic thickness adjustment accommodates media up to 3 inches thick. The V7000 will print directly onto rigid substrates such as foam board, wood, acrylic and metal.

Further, the printer has a built-in ionizer that removes static electricity for enhanced durability and reliability.

In addition, the SureColor V7000 includes the new Epson Edge Print workflow software. It features an Adobe PostScript 3 engine for layout and print management; color management; and also seamless workflow integration. What’s more, access to the Epson Edge dashboard provides users with remote oversight and control of their Epson printer fleet.

The Epson SureColor V7000 is available with a price of less than $100,000.