Pakor’s fastID Passport Photo System

Pakor’s fastID Passport Photo System


Maple Grove, MN—Pakor announced its newest fastID passport system. The wireless passport photo system was developed to streamline passport photography with consistent results. It is designed to fulfill a need for retailers preparing for future airline security changes by simplifying passport photography using biometric facial recognition.

The fastID’s Photomatic software automatically processes a captured image into an ICAO-compliant photograph. The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that defines standards for machine-readable passports worldwide.

Pakor fastID Features

The system’s software is engineered to turn the image automatically into a perfect passport or visa photo for 130+ countries. Its biometric technology analyzes each photo against 30 credentials to ensure it passes strict government requirements, giving users 100% accuracy for both domestic and international ID photos.

Pakor fastID Photo Passport System

fastID also has the ability to supply a digital file via e-mail for the applicant, allowing additional revenues for retailers.

“We are excited to have the fastID passport system to offer to our customers. This system is the only one on the market today that offers the ability to e-mail passport photos,” said Rich Mast, Pakor’s vice president, Sales and Marketing. “Moreover, with the future of passport photography, this function will be a necessity.

“It is important to us that we offer state-of-the-art technology to our customers, setting them up for the future. It just makes sense that we put them into a system that will grow with the security changes. There is also a need in the industry to be able to confidently produce passport photos that won’t be rejected. . . . this product is easy for the operator to use and allows the retailer to guarantee their photo every time.”

Pakor fastID Photo Passport System with CamFi

In addition, Pakor’s fastID passport system is designed to be an affordable product for companies to get a quick level of return on their investment. The fastID photo passport system is sold in various configurations. The basic model consists of a dye-sublimation printer able to print a 4×6-inch photo in 10 seconds as well as a Windows 10 touch-screen console running Pakor Photomatic software. Pricing begins at $895.95. To watch a video of the fastID system, click here.


Pakor was founded by Glen M. Dye in 1910 to make photographic processing equipment. The Photo Advertising Company was incorporated in 1912 under the name Pako Corporation. Later it extended into designing, engineering, marketing print machines, dopers and film machines. In 1960 the company moved its headquarters to Golden Valley, Minnesota. Dye helped to develop a color film-processing machine for processing animated cartoon films, the first of its kind, built specially for Walt Disney Studios. By 1980 Pako was said to be the largest supplier of photographic, graphic arts as well as x-ray processing equipment.
Pakor-Logo-2017The company was sold in 1980 to a group led by Gerard Blohorn. The group continued supplying photographic processing equipment to wholesale photofinishers. In addition, the company was reorganized in 1984 in response to the introduction of one-hour photo labs.

Pako formed a joint venture with Copal to sell one-hour photo labs and formed the Phototek division to service on-site photo labs and also supply parts for Pako photographic machines. Furthermore, in June 26, 1988, the division was incorporated and the name was changed to Pakor, Inc.

Pakor has been placing passport systems around the country for more than 15 years. These systems have been placed into government service centers, photo labs, large retailers as well as fortune 500 corporations.