Meero Community Launches: Social Network for Pro Photographers

Meero Community Launches: Social Network for Pro Photographers


New York, NY—It is Meero’s mission to enable photographers to devote themselves fully to their passion. As part of that mission, the company is launching Meero Community, a social media network made exclusively for photographers all around the world.

Meero Community

A space where photography professionals from all over the globe can share their experiences, Meero Community provides access to events, meetings as well as workshops. Fundamentally, it gives them new ways to connect.

Available on myMeero, the platform is a hub for photographers to connect and chat about their daily work. In addition, it provides access to a network of photographers from every region around the world. Meero-Logo Meero community

The Community space allows imaging professionals to meet photography enthusiasts; contact local ambassadors; access official Meero news; and also sign up for Meero meetings, workshops as well as experiences.

What’s more, the Community space is open to all users of the myMeero platform, which is completely free.


Accessible to all, myMeero supports professional photographers in their daily work. It provides a single platform that brings together solutions that enable visual professionals to manage their business through the myBusiness space. Moreover, the goal is to stimulate their creativity through the Discovery space; now they can also join a community of enthusiasts through the Community space.

Since 2016, Meero has facilitated activities for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily schedules. It has provided support for generating additional revenue, client prospecting, invoicing and payments to postproduction and delivery.

Meero offers solutions such as creative business management tools and educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to a range of accounting, CRM systems and marketing tools. In addition, they can access a growing list of master classes; technical tutorials; documentaries; photographer meet-ups across 35 countries; and also a bilingual magazine.