SmugMug’s This Lens Tells Stories Campaign

SmugMug’s This Lens Tells Stories Campaign

Reflecting the Why of Photographers, Their Passions and Impact


Mountain View, CA—Photography management as well as sales platform SmugMug launched its newest marketing campaign. The campaign, titled “This Lens,” celebrates the power of photography to challenge perspectives as well as change the world. Moreover, the campaign relates the stories of real-life photographers as well as their passionate pursuits.

SmugMug’s This Lens Campaign

The campaign is inspired by timeless photos of folk music icon Woody Guthrie, his guitar emblazoned with the message “this machine kills fascists.” Guthrie’s statement, and the indelible image of his guitar, inspired a generation.

Moreover, SmugMug understands that photographs, and the stories of the passionate photographers behind them, still hold that power today.

“In the hands of a passionate photographer, the camera has the power to change the way people think,” said Scott Kinzie,  SmugMug’s vice president of Marketing. “We believe a powerful photograph can change public opinion; expose hidden stories; start a movement; or show the humanity of everyday life. A passionate photographer has the power to challenge how we see the world, and each other.” smugmug-logo This Lens

Furthermore, the campaign launches with five stories from five photographers. Each touch on a different subject and style. Jay Ford shares his boots-on-the-ground perspective of protests. Andy Best discusses living a nomadic lifestyle chasing perfect landscapes. Tara Kerzhner talks rock climbing, adventure photography, as well as the pursuit of perfect light. Michal Perchardo shares how portraiture preserves his family’s legacy. Finally, Sapna Reddy recounts how photographing nature balances her hectic life as a physician.

What’s more, this broadening of perspectives lies at the heart of the campaign. By exploring the unique passions of photographers—portrait, landscape, fine art, street, macro, astro, etc.—SmugMug hopes to shed light on why and how photographers find success and fulfillment in their chosen subjects.

In addition, This Lens provides an insider’s perspective on what drives a photographer to focus on a particular subject or story, added Kinzie. “SmugMug believes in the emotional power of these stories; by sharing them we hope we can inspire others to pick up a camera and tell their story, too.”