Eryk Lapitz: #RealCamerasRock

Eryk Lapitz: #RealCamerasRock

© Eryk Lapitz

Digital Imaging Reporter’s featured photographer for the month of May is Eryk Lapitz. “This was at Daytona Beach, Florida,” explains Lapitz. “I was on the boardwalk at this moment, and I noticed there was a good amount of people at the beach and in the ocean.

“Even though it wasn’t the best beach day, people were still out and enjoying their time at the beach. I wanted to capture this moment of beachgoers enjoying their lives no matter the condition. I also edited the photo in a gloomy/dark way to help portray the message.”

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Lapitz took this image with a Canon EOS 80D digital SLR and a wide-angle 24mm lens. He edited the photo in Adobe Lightroom.

You can follow Lapitz on Instagram: @ErykLapitz.