Frederik Schindler: #RealCamerasRock

Frederik Schindler: #RealCamerasRock

© Frederik Schindler

This month’s featured photographer is Frederik Schindler. “I’m a Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer,” says Schindler.

“My work is focused on outdoor, travel and lifestyle. It’s always my goal to take the viewer on a journey and create fascinating imagery. The photo should embolden you to seek your own adventure and break out of the daily routine. I’m looking for moments that contain a special mix of nature, adventure and also magic.

“This shot of a little island on the Spanish coast is one of my favorite. For a long time, I had this picture in mind of a small person standing alone on a huge beach. I did a lot of research to find a place that matched my visual concept. When I discovered this place, I was blown away by its beauty and uniqueness. My first attempt at the shot was during sunset; I wasn’t happy with the light and couldn’t find a good angle. I came back at sunrise; when the sun came over the horizon, I knew I got the shot.”

Frederik Schindler Tech Specs & Social Media Instagram-Icon-2017

Schindler took this photo with a Sony a6500 and a Sony 10–18mm f/4 lens: 10mm; 1/125s; f/5.6; ISO 200. You can check out his work on Instagram,, and his website,