Gabe Rodriquez: April 2018 Instagram Featured Photographer

Gabe Rodriquez: April 2018 Instagram Featured Photographer


This month’s featured photographer is Gabe Rodriquez. “Most people have become familiar with my work through my IG handle @831gaberodriguez. I’ve been fortunate to share my journey there as a landscape photographer,” says Rodriquez.

“Born and raised on the Central Coast of California, close to the rugged coastline of Big Sur, I spent most of my childhood engaged with nature—hiking, biking as well as camping with my parents. Moreover, at a young age, I was encouraged to enroll in art classes, where I developed a keen eye for composition and color. After college, I continued to explore the art of photography—an endeavor that turned into a lifelong passion.

“When I’m not photographing the great outdoors, I’m watching editing tutorials. I’ve focused on strengthening my skills, practicing different techniques until I honed in on my own style. Most people describe my work as surreal. I love to play with color, contrast as well as light to find the perfect balance of visual drama—a style influenced by my early fascination with fine art.”

Gabe Rodriquez: Tech Data & Social Media

Rodriquez is shooting with his fourth Nikon DSLR, utilizing the D750 with a host of lenses. He loves its low-light capabilities for long-exposure shots and also astrophotography. Instagram-Icon-2017

He shot this photo using his go-to Nikkor 14–24mm f/2.8 lens, which he says works great for capturing wide landscapes as well as low perspectives. Rodriquez also used a Manfrotto MT190x Pro 4 tripod.

You can follow Gabe Rodriquez via @831gaberodriguez.