Joey Genochio: February 2018 Instagram Featured Photographer

Joey Genochio: February 2018 Instagram Featured Photographer

© Joey Genochio

The Instagram featured photographer for Digital Imaging Reporter’s WPPI show issue is Oregon-based Joey Genochio.

“I’m a 25-year-old analyst at Nike WHQ, but for the last year, in my spare time, I’ve pursued my passion for photography,” says Genochio. “Living in Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, there is no shortage of beautiful locations within a short drive. So I try to spend every weekend I can exploring out in the mountains or on the coast.

“However, this shot was taken during a trip to Switzerland last summer with my twin brother. It is easily the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to see. Driving across the country, we stumbled upon this view and had to pull off of the highway. We ended up swimming in the lake and grabbing lunch before snapping this photo on the way out.”

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Genochio shot the photograph with his Sony Alpha a7R II mirrorless camera using a 16–35mm f/4 zoom lens at 25mm f/7, ISO 250, 1/600 sec. You can follow Joey Genochio on: Instagram, @joeygenochio; YouTube, joeygenochio; and also his website,