Marylee Johnson: #RealCamerasRock

Marylee Johnson: #RealCamerasRock

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D igital Imaging Reporter’s November issue features photographer Marylee Johnson; she is an adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Seattle, Washington.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Johnson developed a deep connection to nature. As a result, she spends most of her time hiking, exploring and documenting her adventures through photography.

“I enjoy capturing pure and raw moments in nature, especially in more moody or dramatic conditions that give the images a bit of emotion and allure,” says Johnson.

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Johnson took this image during sunrise in Oregon. She was shooting with a Sony Alpha 7R IV mirrorless camera and an FE 24–70mm f/2.8 GM lens: 70mm; 1/640 sec; f/3.2; ISO 200.

“This lens was perfect to capture these beautiful horses from a safe distance and also get the subjects nice and crisp while keeping the allure of the fog,” adds Johnson.

In addition, you can follow her on Instagram, @maryleedjohnson, as well as at her website,