Michael Foushee: #RealCamerasRock

Michael Foushee: #RealCamerasRock

© Michael Foushee

Starting off the new year as our featured photographer is Michael Foushee.

“I am an artist who found a passion in photography. My favorite images to compose are that of the natural world. It is an art I chase everyday. In addition, because some of the world’s most beautiful locations are sometimes not the easiest to access, I shoot photos with a portable yet powerful Canon combo,” says Foushee.

“In this photo, the golden fog brushed ashore, and cold wind rippled across the sand. The roaring ocean and gulls sang the harmonious tune of the coast. It lasted a while, the view and the sounds. Long enough to fully embrace the setting and its magnificence.” Instagram-Icon-2017

Michael Foushee: Tech Specs & Social Media

Foushee shot this photo with a Canon EOS 6D DSLR and an EF 24–105mm f/4L IS USM lens: 1/250 sec; f/11; ISO 500. You can see more of his work online at michaelfoushee.com and on Instagram, @michael.foushee.