#RealCamerasRock: Lester Platt

#RealCamerasRock: Lester Platt

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June 2018 Instagram Featured Photographer

This installment of #RealCamerasRock features 34-year-old Lester Platt. Platt is a film storyteller, graphic designer and photographer based in New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. He is the cofounder, along with his wife, Sue, of Lester Platt Productions LLC. “I studied graphic design and photography in Rome, Italy,” says Platt. “Also, I was able to travel to different places around the world. I have lived in El Salvador, Argentina and Rome. Five years ago I moved to New York.

“In 2012 I met my wife on Facebook. Her hobby was photography, and at that time I was freelancing, doing graphic design jobs, and editing photos and videos from other creatives. After a friend reached out to us in New York to cover her wedding, we realized we could make a living by having fun being creative.

“We invested in professional equipment and teamed up with other creatives from New York,” Platt adds. “Since then, we’ve been growing and learning on every project. We started this magical and hard journey of being business owners, transforming what was just a dream into a full profession.”

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Platt shot this photo with a Canon EOS 5DS R DSLR and a Sigma 50mm Art lens. You can follow Platt on Instagram, @lesterplatt, and on his website, lesterplatt.com.