Adorama Unveils Orlit Pro Lighting at WPPI

Adorama Unveils Orlit Pro Lighting at WPPI


New York, NY—Adorama hosted professional photographers and showcased new Orlit pro lighting products at WPPI 2017. The Adorama exhibit featured guest presentations from photography experts Daniel Norton, Tamara Lackey, Joe McNally, Vanessa Joy and Easton Reynolds.

The retailer unveiled an exclusive, professional photography lighting brand—Orlit. The brand-new line of professional TTL flash solutions will only be available at Adorama.

Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL

The line includes the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 HSS TTL wireless monolight—the first monolight to ship with the Canon RT radio system built in. It features a Bowens S mount, 600ws output and is compatible with Canon transmitters. It will retail for $699.95. The monolight also comes with onboard power and in Nikon versions.

Orlit RT-600C TTL for Canon

Also showcased was the Orlit RT-600C TTL speedlight for Canon, which supports the Canon 600EX-RT wireless radio system. Able to act as a master or slave unit for remote power control, it delivers a GN of 182 (ft @ ISO 100 200mm). It provides full E-TTL-RT/remote manual/HSS, like a Canon flash, with 5 groups in 15 channels, and a special GR mode where each group member can be independently set to a mix of manual or TTL automation. The flash head rotates 180º in any direction and tilts over 90º for any type of bounce or modifier use. The head also zooms automatically or manually from 20–200mm. It will sell for $169.95.

Orlit TR-611C

In addition, the new TR-611C for Canon and TR-612N for Nikon TTL transceivers will each retail for $69.95. The 32-channel, 2.4 GHz transceivers are designed to enable shooters to achieve a more extensive and powerful lighting solution with wireless control for Orlit Canon and Nikon systems. They add 980 feet of remote freedom, without a speedlight, to provide full TTL, remote manual and HSS, in three individual groups.