Anthem One LED Lighting System Debuts

Anthem One LED Lighting System Debuts


Milwaukee, WI—“A groundbreaking LED technology making existing industrial-grade lighting obsolete” was announced by Anthem One. The lighting device uses Anthem Light Cards—swappable, solid-state wafers coated with an array of micro LEDs.

Anthem One

Built to be affordable, the Anthem One lighting system is a modular platform with specific accessories for more than 24 different industries. Its variable CRI fits the needs of photographers, cinematographers, musicians and theater directors.

Moreover, its compact size and 30,000 lumen beam are targeted at architectural lighting. The system can also produce an intense 1.4-mile beam of 940nm military grade IR for search and rescue missions.

Anthem Light Cards

In addition, its lithium-ion battery is claimed to be “the only repairable battery system on the market.” Each Anthem Light Card is as thin as a credit card and engineered to last up to 50,000 hours. The cards are available in a wide variety of frequencies, including UV, several types of visible light and military grade IR. The interchangeability of the cards is designed to make them suitable for more than 25 markets, including photography, motion pictures, military, security, outdoor events, agriculture and mining. Anthem-One-Light-Beam

“Think of it like Keurig’s coffee machine. Anthem One is the coffee maker. Each Light Card is like a K-cup. The customer decides what flavor of light field they need for their industry. They can easily swap Light Cards to output a completely different light field. And as LEDs get brighter, they can upgrade Anthem Light Card while still using the rest of the Anthem One lighting system. It’s the only lighting system in the world that improves with time,” explained Justin Eugene Evans, Anthem One’s inventor.

“I began my career as a filmmaker and cinematographer,” he added. “And I’ve always been disappointed by the expense and limitations of industrial-grade lighting technology. Various technologies have come out in the last 17 years but nothing came close to the punch of a metal halide. But metal halides are dangerous, hot, clumsy and also expensive. So I spent the last six years of my life inventing Anthem One. Its lifespan is 2,000 times longer, twice as bright and one-fourth the cost of a metal halide system.”

Anthem One Key Features

Anthem One is a 5.5-inch cube weighing 7.6 pounds. Its exterior hides an array of neodymium magnets that allow users to snap it to steel beams or assemble multiple Anthem Ones into an array. Each unit is silently and actively cooled. A variety of accessories mount to the device via hidden magnets, Kensington lock ports or a ¼”-20 threaded bottom socket.

Anthem Power, a universal 110v/220v power supply, operates the lighting system. In addition, Anthem Power Plus, a patent-pending, computer-controlled lithium-ion battery that reroutes voltage around misperforming cells to rebalance its output on the fly, can power it.

Anthem Power

A range of accessories enables users to control and modify Anthem One’s light field further.

“Our first accessories focus primarily on the media industries. Lenses, speed ring adapters, doors and arms allow media Anthem-One-(Logo-With-Text)professionals to use Anthem One in a manner to which they are already accustomed,” said Adrian Ruddock, the company’s vice president.

Currently, Anthem One, Anthem Power, Anthem Power Plus, six Anthem Light Cards and five accessories are available.

Anthem One comes in black as well as silver versions and retails for $1,499.