broncolor Pulso L Lamp & Satos Power Packs: Next-Gen Pro Lighting

broncolor Pulso L Lamp & Satos Power Packs: Next-Gen Pro Lighting


North White Plains, NY—A new generation of broncolor professional lighting equipment was introduced by the Swiss lighting company and the MAC Group. The new broncolor Satos power packs provide flexibility in terms of power and operation. The new broncolor Pulso L lamp offers ease of use for professionals in the imaging industry.

After nearly five years of development, Swiss engineers at broncolor created the company’s most advanced power pack ever, including a new lamp. Moreover, during the development process, their highest priorities were performance, flexibility, ease of use and a long lifespan. broncolor-Satos-bronocolor-Pluso-L-lampslifestyle-1

The new system features a dual-power concept. Its specially developed slide-in batteries and power supplies allow you to configure the best energy composition for every application. Dual power management provides the required flash energy at the right moment. The power packs’ power slots permit you to utilize power supplies, batteries or a combination, depending on the application. Consequently, imaging professionals can use the same system in the studio and on-location.

What’s more, the Satos significantly improves performance over previous models, especially in regions with low main voltages (110 V) or fragile power grids. And users can set the best energy option for each shot with a flick of the wrist.

broncolor Satos Power Packs

Both the Satos 1600 J and 3200 J power packs offer various working methods. You can select settings on an industrial-grade, 5.7-inch multi-touchscreen; via a rotary/push encoder; by classic buttons; or an app interface. You can also use a Python API. Further, for unlimited light control, you can adjust every parameter to the smallest detail with the help of an intuitive user interface.

broncolor Satos 3200 J ad 1600 J

Additionally, patented broncolor technology allows the fastest flash times with the highest consistency in color temperature over the control range of up to 12 f-stops. What’s more, power can be distributed between one and three channels completely independent of each other. Plus, you can set the color temperature, delay or a sequence function individually for each channel. There are also three timing functions for each channel (alternate, delay, sequence).

Previously, to trigger alternating flashes, multiple power packs were necessary. However, with the Satos, the alternating function is accomplished using the three channels of a single power pack. As a result, the Satos can eliminate the need for multiple power packs.

Satos 1600 J

The Satos 1600 J power pack additionally features three lamp outlets; 1600 J of flash energy; an intuitive user interface; an integrated help function; and an RFS 2 system. It also has a control range over 10 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals. And it works with all voltages from 100 to 240 VAC.

broncolor-Satos-3200-broncolor pulso-l lamp
broncolor Satos 3200 J

Furthermore, it provides bidirectional communication with the Pulso L lamp as well as flash, continuous light or mixed options. broncolor will also make an integrated Wi-Fi module available soon. The Satos 1600 J has a suggested retail price of $15,870.

Satos 3200 J

The Satos 3200 J offers all the features of the 1600 J. However, it provides 3200 J of flash energy and has a control range over 11 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals. It has an SRP of $20,405.

broncolor Pulso L Lamp

The Pulso L lamp was developed as the perfect partner for Satos power packs. broncolor enabled bidirectional communication between the lamp and the power packs. You can make all regular settings on the lamp, and they are synchronized with the system in real time. Whether flash energy, color temperature, modeling light, cognition light or test triggering, you set everything either on the lamp, on the power pack or in the bronControl app. All settings can also be made intuitively with an encoder on the lamp.

broncolor placed the greatest emphasis on increasing the everyday usability of certain functions, such as operating the lamp in flash, continuous or mixed mode, as well as the communication link between active components in the system.

broncolor Pulso L

The Pulso L comes with an energy-saving modeling light with a color rendering index (CRI) of 97+, as well as flicker-free operation. It also has a green/magenta setting (tint). You can also operate the Pulso L in two modes, in continuous light operation or as a modeling light for flash photography. In continuous light mode, you can select a color temperature of 2800K–6800K.

In addition, the Pulso L bicolor modeling and continuous light comes from a calibrated array of bicolored LEDs with a variable green/magenta mix. What’s more, for the finest adjustment within the light shaper, you can position the flash tube via a rotary wheel. The Pulso series also features protective glass with a matt surface coating, a metal housing and durable, industrial-grade cables.

Two Pulso L Lamps

The broncolor Pulso L lamp comes in two versions: the 1600 J and the 3200 J.

The Pulso L 1600 J features two cognition lights; manual focusing; an intuitive control menu; as well as a 1.7-inch OLED display. It provides up to 1600 J of flash energy as well as a temperature-controlled fan and automatic display orientation. It also has a freehand bayonet locking system and is compatible with the broncolor light shaper range. The Pulso L 1600 J has an SRP of $2,950.

broncolor Pulso L

In addition, the Pulso L 3200 J has all the features and functions of its sibling. However, it outputs up to 3200 J of flash energy. It has an SRP of $3,275.