Elinchrom Five Battery Monolight Unveiled

Elinchrom Five Battery Monolight Unveiled


North White Plains, NY—Elinchrom introduced a new monolight for in-studio and on-location lighting. The Elinchrom Five is a 500Ws battery monolight that provides 450 full-power flashes on a single charge.

Moreover, the new monolight features active charging, so users can work in the studio while actively charging its battery. In addition, they can unplug the light and work on location with 450 full-power flashes. The unit also features a continuous running modeling light and quicker recycling times.

“The Elinchrom Five is the studio flash that every photographer wishes they had grown up with. It’s powerful, it’s portable, and you know that wherever your next adventures take you, you’ll be ready,” the company announced.

Elinchrom Five with Rotalux softbox

“This light is set to become the backbone of your lighting kit. And things get really exciting for existing Elinchrom users because of its ability to communicate and control other Elinchrom lights through the Elinchrom app and software.”

Elinchrom Five Features

Users have a choice of light shapers. The Five, with its Elinchrom modifier mount, is natively compatible with Elinchrom accessories. Further, its grip makes it seamless to adjust lighting. What’s more, it provides a similar interface as the Elinchrom ELC 152/500 with Elinchrom’s quick menu.

The monolight provides the power to shoot longer on location via its detachable high-capacity Li-ion battery. Plus, with USB-C /Active Charge, users can connect the fixture to any USB-C power source and continue to shoot while charging, regardless of the battery’s power level. As a result, they can keep their workflow uninterrupted.

EL20962 detachable battery

Furthermore, the device is designed around an unconcealed flash tube for optimal light spread. Another feature is a bicolor 26W LED modeling lamp. The monolight also boasts adjustable color temperatures of 2,700 K to 6,500 K and an output of 4,000 lumens with a CRI 91-94.

Plus, optimized cooling and electronics allow photographers to shoot at full power every 1.6 seconds. With Smart Pro-Active Cooling technology, the Elinchrom Five learns a user’s shooting style and adapts its cooling cycle around it.

Additional features are sync up to 1/8000s with HSS; freeze motion, overpower ambient light and darken backgrounds; TTL with manual lock; and the ability to switch quickly from TTL to manual without losing exposure settings. Built-in Bluetooth is also a benefit.

Elinchrom Five

The Elinchrom Five Monolight Kit EL20960.1 bundles a monolight, a Five battery (EL20962), an Elinchrom wide reflector (6.3 inches), a 65W USB-C wall charger and a hard case for the Elichrom Five. This kit has a suggested retail price of $1,849.

The Elinchrom Five Monolight Dual Kit EL20961.2 offers two monolights, two batteries, two wide reflectors, two wall chargers and a storage bag. SRP: 3,649. Moreover, both kits come with a two-year warranty.