Gary Fong SnootSkin for Lightsphere Collapsible

Gary Fong SnootSkin for Lightsphere Collapsible

Lighting Accessory Turns Diffuser into a Snoot, Creating a Portable Studio


New York, NY—GFIP Holdings LLC, a photographic lighting accessories manufacturer as well as educational resource, introduced the SnootSkin for Lightsphere Collapsible. The SnootSkin is designed to fit snugly inside the Lightsphere to expand its creative capabilities. It instantly converts the Lightsphere Collapsible into a snoot (spotlight) or color light source.

Gary Fong Lightsphere + SnootSkin Kit

The black lining of the accessory blocks light from spilling through the sides of the flash. This permits light to be isolated and also directed more precisely. Furthermore, for more defined spot lighting, a grid insert is included for a tighter beam. This directional beam lighting is necessary for hair lighting or creating a spot light for a dramatic effect, for instance.

Image taken using natural light (left) and using Gary Fong Lightsphere + SnootSkin Kit (right)

The system is also designed to hold color inserts inside a built-in slot. It will hold up to five inserts. As a result, the color inserts can be combined to create a palette of color choices. Currently available colors are red, green, blue and warming filters in full CTO (color temperature orange) and half CTO. The color kit also includes an 18% gray tab for custom white balance.

Gary Fong SnootSkin Color Inserts

In addition, for portability the SnootSkin, like the Lightsphere Collapsible, folds into a flat disk for storage.

“We strive to offer our customers the most extensive options to maximize their lighting creativity without sacrificing portability. We are continually striving to improve, and while I love our current Speed Snoot, this new SnootSkin option is faster and adds even more versatility,” said Gary Fong. Fong is an internationally renowned photographer and CEO of GFIP Holdings LLC. “I’m truly excited and proud of this latest snoot and diffuser combination.”

Gary Fong SnootSkin Bundles

Gary Fong offers several purchase options. The SnootSkin Insert set includes a black SnootSkin, a grid insert and a warming filter (half CTO). This set retails for $59.95 MAP. The Lightsphere Collapsible is sold separately.

Gary Fong SnootSkin Insert Set

The Lightsphere + SnootSkin is a creative expansion kit. It includes the black SnootSkin, a grid insert, the Lightsphere Collapsible diffuser, a WhiteDome and a warming filter (half CTO). This kit retails for $99.95 MAP.

Moreover, the Color kit includes five color inserts (red, blue, green, warming filter – full CTO, 18% gray). It retails for $24.95 MAP.