Lowel Blender XL Bicolor Light Source

Lowel Blender XL Bicolor Light Source


Hauppauge, NY—Lowel, a division of the Tiffen Company, launched the Lowel Blender XL, a next-generation bicolor lighting fixture. The device employs surface mount LEDs with an output that’s almost four times a traditional one-by-one panel.

Lowel Blender XL

The new light fixture provides 98 CRI output in a rugged as well as compact package. Moreover, it is powered through a switchable AC/DC power supply that accepts professional V-mount batteries.

Lowel Blender XL Specs

Utilizing 45º optical lenses, the Blender XL casts a versatile narrow flood beam illumination. As a result, it provides broad coverage while remaining strong enough to deliver the necessary lighting. It also includes a removable diffusor that blends the daylight and tungsten balanced LED sources for consistent output. Daylight and tungsten color balanced LED arrays are independently controlled.

In addition, the rugged steel and aluminum fixture can withstand harsh field production environments. Plus, the Blender XL’s ability to use professional V-mount batteries in addition to AC power allows photographers/videographers to use it nearly anywhere.

Moreover, as a stand-alone fixture, the compact Blender XL is an option for a variety of production needs. However, when combined in a three-light kit with case and accessories, it becomes an on-the-go lighting package.

Lowel Blender XL

The Blender XL will ship in early November 2019. It has a retail price of $379.


For more than 80 years, Tiffen has helped those in the consumer and professional imaging as well as the motion picture and broadcast television industries create images.

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