Polaroid RGB LED Camera & Camcorder Light Debuts

Polaroid RGB LED Camera & Camcorder Light Debuts

Polaroid RGB LED Light

Edison, NJ—The Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light offers photographers and videographers a portable LED light system with powerful output. The light also provides various settings to create different moods, atmospheres, color backgrounds and special lighting effects. Polaroid-Logo-horiz

In addition, photographers are able to control and fine-tune the light source focus. Moreover, a free companion app allows users to fully control all aspects of the light, including color, brightness and saturation.

The light is equipped with 320 professional-grade LED lamps, including: 144 3200K LEDs; 144 5600K LEDs; and 32 RGB LEDs. As a result, the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light provides 99 levels of cool white, warm white and RGB light. For further customization, users can adjust hue and saturation, the brightness level and also the exact color temperature they want to achieve in the 3200K to 5600K range.

Polaroid RGB LED Light

Created with a flexible design, the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light can be used unmounted, mounted to a camera or tripod, or stacked with additional lights. With lighting adjustments, controlling the appropriate levels are done manually or using a smart device via Bluetooth and the downloadable app.

A free app can control the Polaroid RGB LED light.

The new camera and camcorder light has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, 2304 lumens and a CRI of 95+. Moreover, it measures 10×3.4×2.4 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces without a battery.

Polaroid RGB LED Light Kit

A battery and battery charger/adapter comes with the camera and camcorder light. Also included in the kit are a swivel head mounting adapter; a diffusing filter; and also a carrying case. The kit retails for $99.99.