2018 NAB Product Showcase

2018 NAB Product Showcase


As part of our in-depth coverage of the 2018 NAB Show, Digital Imaging Reporter presents the 2018 NAB Product Showcase. It  includes some of the latest notable equipment for multimedia content creators and filmmakers.

Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit

The Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit is a custom bundle for content creators and filmmakers looking to take advantage of the multimedia D850’s video capabilities and controls. Its key component is the D850 DSLR, with advanced features like full-frame, 4K UHD video capture at 24/30 fps; 8K/4K time-lapse recording; focus peaking; zebra stripes; HDMI output; and also audio level control. The kit additionally includes three Nikkor f/1.8 prime lenses said to “exhibit the clarity and sharpness needed for 4K Ultra HD video”: the AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED; AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G ED; and AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G.

Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit

Also included is an external 4K Atomos Ninja Flame recorder/monitor with its power kit, docking station and a coiled HDMI cable. Using the Ninja Flame, recordings are instantly upgraded to ProRes and DNxHR Hollywood standards. Other kit components: a hot shoe; ME-1 stereo microphone; ME-W1 wireless microphone; and an extra EN-EL15A battery for 70 minutes of recording. Furthermore, while a hard case is sold separately, custom foam inserts are included. $5,499.95. nikonusa.com, Booth C6019

Sigma Cine Lenses

Sigma is presenting its cinema lens line. Answering the demand for creating distinctive cinematic looks, Sigma Cine lenses are engineered to deliver color as well as focus consistency. “The versatility of the lenses combined with the superb optics will serve any production from the single run-and-gun DSLR setup to a full-frame multi-camera set,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president, Sigma Corp. of America.

Sigma 14mm T2 FF

Designed with input from cinematographers, Cine lenses support PL, E and also EF cameras. Features include: 8K-resolution support; standardized gear positions and filter sizes; a 180° focus rotational angle; a 160° zoom rotational angle; a 60° linear iris ring with full manual control; splashproof construction; and EF/E mount interchangeability. Moreover, their low aperture light capture capabilities let DPs/camera operators shoot at a shallower depth of field with more latitude for how they light a scene.

Among those on display is the Sigma 14mm T2 FF prime lens—the first cinema lens with an incredibly fast T2 at this ultrawide-angle focal length for full-frame sensors. $4,999. sigmaphoto.com, Booth C10308

Sony HVL-F60RM Flagship Flash

The HVL-F60RM α system flash offers integrated radio control options as well as a guide number of 60. It covers illumination angles from 20–200mm for uniform wide-range coverage without shading with continuous shooting of 220v flashes. Its recycle time was also reduced to 1.7 seconds or 0.6 second with its external battery adapter. It adopts Sony’s Quick Shift Bounce technology: photographers can quickly shift from horizontal to vertical orientation, 90º left or right, upward by up to 150º and downward by 8º for flexible positioning and optimum lighting.

Sony HVL-F60RM

In addition other features include: independent light output level buttons to control output/compensation; its display facilitates adjustments/flash output level confirmation, with access to flash settings for paired wireless flashes; flash functions can be assigned to its four-way controller, center button and control wheel; TTL flash output can be recalled in manual mode; and moisture resistance.

Also, wireless radio communication is nondirectional, so up to 15 off-camera receiver flash units can be positioned up to nearly 100 feet from the camera without electronic interference. $600. sony.com, Booth C11001

Zylight Introduces Rayzr 7 Fresnels

Zylight is showing its full catalog of lighting solutions, as well as products it exclusively distributes throughout North America. Products include Aladdin flexible panels, Rayzr 7 high-output Fresnels, NanGuang RGB fixtures and Fresnels, and also FXLion portable power solutions.

Rayzr 7 is the latest in a select group of broadcast, film as well as stage lighting manufacturers that Zylight distributes. The series includes four models of Fresnel LED lights: the 300 (300W, $1,339) and 200 (200W, $989) Daylight Fresnels; and the 300B (150W tungsten/daylight, $1,599) and 200BM (100W tungsten/daylight, $1,259) Bi-Color models.

Rayzr 7 200BM Bi-Color

Moreover, designed for mobility, all Rayzr 7 units pack high-powered (TLCl up to 98) LEDs into compact, lightweight 7″ Fresnel units. They also offer spot/flood focus, integrated DMX control, AC/DC power options and vapor cooling systems. They provide approximately 50,000 hours of run time. Additional features include: flicker-free operation to 15,000 fps; even, uniform light beams; and full control over light beam shaping. zylight.com, Booth C6343

Cartoni Camera Support Products

Distributed in the U.S. by Manios Digital & Film, Cartoni is introducing additions to its professional camera supports. The company’s fluid heads, tripods, pedestals and remote devices are designed to address critical needs of broadcasters, rental houses as well as camera operators.

Cartoni Focus 8 SDS

Cartoni’s 75mm base SDS (smart deployment series) tripod and spreader support system is for ultra-lightweight cameras. It combines the company’s Focus 8 fluid head with a new SDS version featuring Cartoni’s Smart Stop two-stage/single-lever tripod and Smart Lock mid-level spreader technologies. Available in aluminum and carbon fiber, it quickly spreads and collapses for on-the-go shooting.

In addition, the Focus 8 handles payloads up to 17.7 pounds. It uses a continuously variable fluid damping system on pan-and-tilt movements and also Cartoni’s patented variable counterbalance.

Cartoni Focus 22, flat and 150mm base

In response to requests, Cartoni upgraded its Focus 22 with both a flat and 150mm bowl. The dual design works with popular pedestals and sliders. The new base interfaces with 150mm tripods and pedestals via four bolts. It supports cameras weighing 49 pounds with Cartoni’s patented perfect wing counterbalance. cartoni.com, Booth C9020

DJI Intelligent Battery Station

The DJI Battery Station is designed for professionals seeking advanced battery management to handle any shooting scenario. Built for the TB50 intelligent battery, it is an all-in-one solution for charging, storage as well as transportation for professional film crews. Compatible with products like the Ronin 2, Inspire 2 and also M200 drones, it’s a reflection of DJI’s commitment to professional cinema.

DJI Battery Station

The station stores 12 TB50 intelligent batteries and charges eight simultaneously. Moreover, multiple ports let users charge other devices, including remote controllers, WB37 batteries and mobile devices. An LCD screen displays the power level, charging voltage, remaining time, temperature and also firmware version. A built-in cooling fan helps dissipate heat while charging, and there’s an integrated overheating detection monitor.

Three charging modes provide power management for specific shooting scenarios. In normal mode, eight TB50 batteries can be charged simultaneously. Quick mode charges four batteries with the highest battery level in the same group to 90% in 35 minutes. In silent mode, charging speed is lowered for a quieter process on noise-sensitive film sets. $1,199. dji.com, Booth C2207

Tiffen Showcases Steadicam Stabilizers

Steadicam Air

Tiffen, manufacturer of accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries, is showcasing Steadicam stabilizers. On exhibit is the recently launched Steadicam Air.

The monopod is gas-lift activated by a foot pedal for adjustable height. Designed in partnership with master cinematographers, the Steadicam Air is made of carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight and compact.

Moreover, the monopod is marketed to nature, wildlife, sports, wedding, event and feature photographers as well as cinematographers. The Air is currently available in a 25-pound configuration. A 15-pound configuration is to follow in the second quarter of 2018. $499.95.

Steadicam M-1

In addition, the Steadicam M-1 is on display. The modular camera stabilizer is designed for HD broadcast, feature film and demanding camera-operating requirements.

It provides M-1 operators with horizontal stabilization. Weighing two pounds, the M-1 is engineered to seamlessly integrate into an existing M-1 sled, to provide a greater opportunity for content creation without jeopardizing stability. steadicam.com, Booth C5625

Fujifilm Premier UA UA107x8.4 Lens

Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Division provides Fujinon 2/3″ HD and 4K UHD ENG, EFP and Studio zoom lenses for the videography, nature, television, broadcast sports and news markets. Fujifilm also offers cinema zoom lenses in PL mount (Premier and Cabrio) and E mount (MK) for cinematographers and cameramen in motion picture, television and commercial production.

Featured at NAB 2018 is the Fujinon 4K Premier UA UA107x8.4, said to be the longest, widest 4K lens for Ultra HD broadcasting. Built for 4K 2/3″ UHD cameras, it delivers 4K optical quality based on large-diameter aspherical elements designed by Fujifilm’s optical simulation system. It also suppresses distortion due to a multi-group zoom system.

Fujinon 4K Premier UA UA107x8.4

The UA107x8.4 employs Fujifilm’s High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) to produce richer colors and improved blue response and transmittance. Coupled with Fujifilm Aspheric technology, it reduces ghost/flare and increases light transmission. And its antifogging design minimizes fogging.

Other features include: F number 1.7; quick zoom, two-shot presets; a 2x extender; VR connections; 16-bit encoders; and patented optical image stabilization technology. $199,000. fujifilmusa.com, Booth C7225

Matthews K-Stackers II Lighting Support

Matthews Studio Equipment’s goal is to create camera and lighting support equipment that stands the test of time and also adapts to all types of shooting challenges. With this in mind, Matthews is debuting its K-Stackers II lighting support.

Matthews K-Stackers II

“Often, today’s shooters, who work mostly with LED and FLO lights, find themselves in situations where they need to get larger soft light out of the lights they have. However, they don’t have the gear they need,” said Tyler Phillips, vice president, Matthews Grip. “With our new K-Stacker II it’s easy. Based on a concept from Canadian-based gaffer Alex Amyot, Matthews has created a strong and robust tool that turns Kino Flo LED panels and fluorescent fixtures into larger light sources.”

K-Stackers mount three FreeStyle 31 LED panels or two 4×4-foot banks in a row. The LED controllers and 4Bank ballasts rig on the stand. Or also remotely up to 75 feet away via head extension cables. Users also can power the LEDs via 24V DC batteries mounted on the K-Stacker. In addition, the 4Bank fixtures rotate from a horizontal to a vertical light fixture mode.

“Now it’s simple to build several of the world’s popular, professional, fluorescent fixtures into a compact configuration—easily, quickly—and save money at the same time,” Phillips added. msegrip.com, Booth C5437

Magewell Pro Capture Cards with HDR Support

HDR (high dynamic range) support was added to select Magewell HDMI models in its flagship Pro Capture family of PCI Express capture cards.

Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus

HDR enables more natural-looking, compelling video imagery, with enhanced contrast range. When viewed on HDR-equipped displays, it provides more detail in dark picture areas and brighter whites. It also displays an expanded range of mid-tones and more vibrant colors than earlier standards.

“HDR can have even more impact on viewing experiences than 4K resolution, particularly at the typical distances between consumers and their display devices,” said James Liu, vice president, Engineering, Magewell. “As more viewers discover HDR’s significant visual benefits and life-like images, demand for HDR-enhanced content will continue to accelerate. We’re pleased to help content creators add HDR to their production workflows with these new Pro Capture capabilities.”

When used with HDR-enabled video sources and software, Magewell’s HDR support lets users capture and record content compatible with the HDR10 open standard for TVs.

HDR support will initially be available in Magewell’s Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus and Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT. It also will be employed in the upcoming dual-channel Pro Capture Dual HDMI 4K Plus models. Moreover, all the cards support 4,096×2,160 resolution at 60 fps over HDMI 2.0 interfaces. magewell.com, Booth SU6324